Belen Echandia Mottled Gold bags

  1. I have fallen in love with the mottled gold bags from their past sale and was wondering if anyone might own a BE piece in this leather or has seen one in real life? I would love to know what you think! Jackie made it sound simply stunning which is only causing me to lust after it even more, lol. She said the leather gets softer and softer over time and that it is a platinum color with copper creases hand painted on. I have been looking for a chic metallic bag for ages and was hoping this would fit the bill.
    Also curious if anyone here owns a bag in this style? I *think* I read somewhere that it was the original Take Me Anywhere style? Since the dimensions are similar to the Charm Me, are there any CM owners out there who could lend an opinion on the size of their bag? I'm petite and was hoping this style wouldn't overwhelm me the way the chocolate TMA did...
    Any opinions or info would be so very helpful! :yes:
  2. oh wow i like that!
  3. I agree with you that this leather is gorgeous. This bag made me pause when I saw it on the sale...but as I said, I sat the sale out, watching you ladies buy. Sorry I don't have any info on this bag for you. Ask Jackie about the size, with respect to the bags we know...
  4. I don't own any metallic bags and don't ordinarily like them, but I think this bag is gorgeous. It looks very warm and I like the variation in color.
  5. I love that handbag! It looks like it has a lot of depth. Perfect to wear around the holidays.

    Good Luck and keep us posted!
  6. Ggirl, I was looking at the orange one and debating between getting that and the Indulge Me. This is what she told me about the orange bag (which had the same dimensions as the mottled gold):
    "Yes - I would say that the orange bag is considerably larger than the
    Indulge Me bag, the smaller size [I think she means the white and aqua ones] would have been more on a par, but the IM
    is somewhere in-between (the small triple zip and the orange bag). The Orange bag would fit all the things you
    describe very nicely, it is also very light. The IM might too, it depends
    on the amount of clothing you need to carry for your children. But I
    think the IM is more of a "one-man bag". :smile:

    The Orange bag is wider than the CM (Charm Me), but it is also taller, so it
    doesn'tappear 'wide'. Has been described by another customer as an oversized day bag. It is not an overnight bag, unless you pack in a very minimalist way!

    So, hmm.. Not sure how much I have helped you. The black Crash IM and the orange leather Take Me Anywhere (first edition) are such different bags. You have them summed up nicely. Two things the orange bag always got praise for - its lightness - as a feather - and the shoulder straps. My friend is Spanish, tiny and very slim and she carries that bag in turquoise as an every day bag and she definitely doesn't find it too big. But that's a
    personal thing I guess."

  7. Thank you all for your feedback! And thanks Aud...that additional info was so helpful...I got a reply back from Jackie this morning in which she sent me a truer picture of the color and told me a little more about the perfect condition of this bag. Turns out it is a bit more of a warmer gold. Is that a year round color? She says that one of her very best customers bought this bag three years ago and carries it everyday. I suppose that if I lived in Europe I would be very much in style with it, lol! :smile: My concern is that she keeps stressing that it is a large bag (16 inches WIDE by 11.5 inches TALL by 5 inches DEEP) Not Rational Fab is comparable in size and I'm fine with it but this leather seems a bit more structured (well at first anyway) and the color is definitely an attention grabber. Here is a truer picture of the color:
    Is that too much gold (Jackie said in Italy they call it platinum because although they know platinum to be silver, this is such a soft gold with not much yellow or red in it) for a bag of those dimensions to be carried by a petite 5'2 girl in her late 20's? :shrugs: I no longer work ("retired" when I had a baby) and so my lifestyle is somewhat casual with the occasional dressy event and some travel thrown in. This would not be my only bag of course, but I would like to have use for it...Should I just buy it already? It is so strikingly different that may end up being my "signature" piece! :girlsigh:
  8. I think it is gorgeous! It could def. be your signature bag - since it is a softer gold, I think it would be a lovely, versatile piece.
  9. Thank you so much for your reply! :smile: I am hoping the same!
  10. Ok, that color is just amazing...and I think you could wear it very well as a mom with dark jeans, no problem. I think everyone should have a signature bag so this just might be it for you. Looking at the dimensions, it doesn't seem that large to me but I tend to carry larger bags and sometimes schlep stuff for work/kids, etc.

    She has also stated that you can return the bag if you let her know once you receive it that it isn't for you. That might help you a bit in your decision. Of course, once you get it, they may not be able to pry it out of your hands!
  11. Thank you for your opinion! I thought my Dior bags would be my signature pieces but they're just a little too structured for everyday use gorgeous as they are.
    I think that my main worry with this one is that it is too gold...i have warmer, slightly tanned skin and am concerned it may look flashy (or too red) against my skin tone. It would be so much easier if I had a pale complexion! :yes:
  12. I am not usually a metallic girl either but these bags look fantastic!! I love Belen!!!

    GO FOR IT!
  13. Thank you ladies! I hate living with regrets so I just had to order it to see for myself if it is me or not...I'll worry about it later if it turns out its not me, lol...
  14. I never thought I was a metallic girl until I bought one on a whim and ended up carrying it for about a year. I'm a fairly conservative, classics type, and it still worked. That bag is on vacation now, but, long story short, my experience has been that a good metallic goes with nearly everything.
  15. I agree...I've always thought it was the perfect accessory to make my conservative wardrobe pop. I wear a lot of darker colors (black, navy, dark chocolate browns), some pale colors (mostly for spring), and dark denim. No real accessories other than my vintage diamond (my first true love, lol) rings and necklace. I love unique yet elegant bags as they add that something special to my overall look. I'm just hoping its the right tone and that the mottled effect will be timeless and classy rather than trendy...
    I admire the opinions of all of the tpf girls so its been great to hear your reassurance on this! :yes: I know the bag is a steal of a price...its just an arm and a leg to ship to me which makes me think it through a little more, you know? :rolleyes: In any case, I am so super excited to get it now! :yahoo: