Belen Echandia Lovers-Feedback please?

  1. I heard from Jackie at BE after I emailed her about any new bags that might be in the works for fall and winter. I know they are going to do some bright colors like purple...yummy! Any way, I also need some thoughts on what you think about the following ideas!
    They are in the process of designing a new make-up bag/clutch and a purse (by which she means a wallet with a zipper all around). She would like to know what kind of colors women would like these items to come in. For the initial production they are only able to choose 2 colors, so they thought that black and a metallic color (silver this season, since silver seems to be the hot color) would be ideal. Most women like a smart black wallet or make-up bag (not a boring black, but more of a charcoal color) and BE thinks that if they make red for example, or pink, then there might be people who don't like that particular color. Of course in the future they would do more colors and she would also like to know your favorites.

    So please chime in with your thoughts and let me know!
    Thanks for adding your favorite colors that you'd hope to see in the future! :rolleyes:
  2. I have to say I can't remember ever buying a black wallet or a black makeup bag. I have plenty of black purses and wear black most days, but I go for color/patterns with the small stuff. I'd buy a pewter wallet or a red one before I'd buy a black one.

    I might not be typical, but I am a customer.
  3. Hey JNH14 . I like plum or deep purple... I think that'll be a nice color for a wallet.
  4. As soon as I submitted my post I thought "wait, purple!" I think a purple/eggplant/plum wallet would be nice.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts!:yes:
  6. Yes, and for a cosmetic bag too!
  7. I think that a deep royal purple would be beautiful!
  8. oh i fourth the purple recommendation. i think it's nice when the accessory is a different color since most of my bags have black linings, a hint of color would make it easier to find. i'm so smitten with belen echandia, i'm sure their future wallets and accessories will be tdf!
  9. Dark navy, I'm always looking out for navy, but it seems really scarce. And I think it's a great neutral. I'm sure whatever they choose will be done really well.
  10. I'd like a burgundy/ deep red colour!
  11. I know they did a wine in some bags. Great idea though-thanks! Are you thinking a bordeaux color? She said that purple will be available in all of their styles! :heart:
  12. I agree with a wine or burgundy color.

    Is there any place to see previews of all styles or colors?
  13. Jackie sent me this color to clarify-it's in a clutch style.
  14. Here is the wine color that BE has:
    wine bag.jpg