Belen Echandia - "Love Me".... ?

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  1. Hey there BE lovers....does anyone have "Love Me"?
    Would love your feedback/comments/pics!!!

    I've read most posts, but cannot remember if anyone has ordered...I know about the shipping/customs issue, etc.

    Is the price ($800) worth it and why? Can you make a comparison to another brand?

    I know many of you have TMA, but that bag is really too big for me cuz I don't carry much and I'm short short short!!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm due to get one in at the end of this month (Love Me in Grey with silver hardware). While I don't have anything to compare it to (within the price range) and don't have the bag in hand, I will say that the customer service I have receive from Jackie Cawthra (the owner) is amazing! That is one of the reasons I would consider making a purchase from her or her brand again, given the opportunity!
  3. Yes indeed, she is lovely. I almost purchased another bag during the sale a couple of months ago and her customer service is superlative!
    Do post when you get the bag, I'm sure you're so excited!
  4. I pre-ordered a Petrol Love Me from Muse Ten in SF and I believe they are supposed to be receiving it by the end of the month. They quoted me a price of $625 and I have a call in to confirm that price. I'm not sure if I would pay $800.

    On a separate, but related note, Muse Ten quoted me a price earlier in the summer of $699 for the Take Me Anywhere, but the TMAs they now have on their website are $799.

    I will say that I am carrying my wine Stroke ME a lot and really loving it. It is so lightweight, the color is gorgeous, and the leather is breaking in so nicely. However, I paid less than $600 for it. I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay much more than $600 for any bag other than Balenciaga.
  5. I just ordered the Love me in black crash and even though I don't have it yet I'm very impressed with the customer service especially Jacky, the owner. She was incredible helpful to help me the differnec between black and black crash. I also ordered the little Angel purse in purple. This will be my replacement bag for the faulty Balenciaga city I got and I feel much better giving her my business than the established designers who don't seem to care about their customers and quality anymore (Balenciaga).
    I had so many quality issues this year with the highend designers that I don't want to spend 1500$ plus on bags anymore which have a poor quality so I'm very happy that I finally decided to try BE out.
  6. Never heard of it...but would love to see pictures!
  7. I completely agree with you! I just ordered the same bag in pewter crash and though I don't have it yet, I will say that if it's as nice as other TPFers have said (which I fully expect due to all the rave reviews about B.E.) that it is most definitely worth full price and in fact, is a bargain compared to what we pay for all those so-called "premier" designers. Remember that B.E. bags are made in Italy (not China!) by the finest, native, master artisans whose techniques have passed through generations. This is why countries like Italy and Spain are reknowned for the care and artistry of their leather work. There is a vast difference in experience and expertise between a bag produced by them and the ones that are produced in China or by Chinese workshops that get around this by locating in Italy so that top designers can say that bags are made there (unfortunately becoming more and more common).

    This in no way is any reflection on the Chinese. It is an amazing, ancient and rich culture reknowned and respected for many, many well-deserved reasons. But, handbags made and hand-finished by master artisans with beautiful, italian, spanish etc. leathers are a cut above, and for a true connoisseur, the ultimate luxury, if one defines luxury by the highest quality materials combined with master workmanship and, fortunately for us in the case of Belen Echandia, beautiful, chic, functional design.

    Like you guys, I can't wait to receive my bag! Everyone simply MUST post when they arrive!
  8. I special ordered the Love Me in Crash Pewter with gold hardware. I got an e-mail from Jackie this morning that it should be shipped out next week, can hardly wait!!! :yahoo:

    (Also special ordered the Charm Me in red!!!)
  9. Hi Ladies! I can't wait to see all your pix of your new BE bags!!! Please post asap. I am waiting for my chocolate Stroke Me, which is on its way. I chose it because it is a good travel tote--squishes flat into a suitcase and can be pulled out when needed. Please tell me about the size of the Love Me when you get it. And the Charm Me, as well. Thanks! P.S. I want to hear how heavy the bags are too. The Stroke Me is very light.
  10. Please post pics! I am thinking about a BE bag for my next bag purchase!
  11. I have a wine Stroke Me and I think it's a great travel bag, it is very light and fits a lot without being tooo huge. I also use it around town with my children or on my own when I want to carry a sweater or light jacket and book or magazine in addition to essentials.

    pseub - I'm excited to hear BE expects to ship bags next week, I hope my petrol Love Me will be on it's way too.
  12. Can't wait to see pictures either. I recently learned about these on here, and I love 'em!
  13. Got the e-mail this morning that my bags have been shipped, hope to have pics for you by this weekend! :yahoo:
  14. I received the Love Me in purple last week and it's absolutely gorgeous! I also have a Take Me Anywhere in petrol and I have to say, the Love Me is a tad lighter. Not sure the reason but I'm thrilled with my purchase. The purple is so rich and beautiful. I'll take pictures of it as soon as I can get access to a digital camera. Promise! :yes:
  15. Yay! I would love to see pics too...I'm glad that the Love Me is a touch lighter in weight. These days, I feel like I carry far too much and it's much easier to "think light" when the bag is lighter as well....

    Mine (dark grey/silver hardware) shipped today too! :woohoo: