Belen Echandia Love Me MINI Salon

  1. Hi Belen Echandia Gals!

    The chat is flying so fast in the BE Lounge...

    ....I thought I'd start a thread for LOVE ME MINI talk, so that people who are looking for info can find it easier.

    Chat away you LOVE ME MINI fans! The salon is open!
  2. TropicalGal - You made me smile with this thread. Thanks for serving as an unofficial moderator to try to help organize all the BE stuff.
  3. tropicalgal, you are so on top of things!! i still want to see the mini in purple before deciding on a color - but i am definitely leaning towards a pop color! I'd also love to see a white or off white with black stitching in the LMM - that would be perfect for spring and summer - OH! and let's not forget about the shimmer MUSTARD!!!
  4. Thanks for your encouragement ladies! As for me and the Love Me Mini...I am quite surprised at all the flurry when the bag hasn't really appeared on the BE website yet. Perhaps I am older...and tired...but, for me personally, I don't see the need for a rush. I want to see all the colors and look at any new styles BE is debuting...and take my time making a decision. There's always another bag to buy.... Also, I always need to buy on sale, that's my reality. So I'm enjoying a new mantra I learned in the Mulberry forum: Admire, not acquire. After I see all your colors...I'll decide!
  5. I have a real "newbie" question. I still can't find where to buy the LMM on the website. I see the deposit button, but not anywhere to find the colours, prices, etc. Are they all custom orders as of now? Are they all there, but you just have to ask for them?
  6. My purple LMM is due to arrive at the end of Jan early Feb. I'll update on that once I get it.
  7. :sos:I am absolutely dyeing for my Love Me Mini in chocolate. I seriously can't wait another minute. I need a "fix". :search: Does anyone get as crazy as me over these things? I wonder how much longer it will be. Does anyone have a clue? Also, do you think it will have gold hardware? I'm a white gold gal, but I suppose I'm open to whatever looks best with the leather.

    I am never pre-ordering again. I am just way way too impatient. I had to buy a Botkier chocolate bag just to tide me over. The DH is going to leave me for sure. :yes:

    Okay, I'll quit rambling now, but you all wanted to discuss it.:shrugs:
  8. Hi Daphodill84! Here's the story. The Love Me Mini hasn't even been officially released yet. It is a Spring 2008 bag, and Belen Echandia has not yet even placed this bag on the website. The fervor came because everyone loved the regular Love Me, so when word of mouth hit that there would be a Mini Love Me...well! These ladies found out about the bag from word of mouth and are placing custom orders, or they're emailing BE to see what they can get before it officially hits the website. If you are in a hurry, you can email to find out what is available right now. Or, you can wait a week or two, and the Mini Love Me will be on the website, with all the colors it will come in, as well as all the other new Spring 08 bags and leathers. BE tends to keep making bags if there is demand, so there is never really a "sold out" bag or a "sold out" leather. I hope this helps. As I said in my post above, I'm not in a hurry. There's always a bag to buy! Enjoy! :yes:
  9. I have my black crash mini on order. I think it will be here end of Jan or beginning of Feb. I am so excited and can't wait. I think I was bitten by the fuchsia LMM today though after seeing Contessa's pictures. I do believe that will be my next BE purchase.:yes:
  10. I know exactly what you mean! I have the chocolate and wine on order and can wait for the arrival of these little beauties. I never thought to ask what the color of the hardware will be! Although I imagine they will look fabulous regardless.
  11. I have to say that I'm still very intrigued with getting an LMM in either the wine, fuschia or dark grey. Dark grey is still my all time favorite, and I love the idea of having my beautiful LM in a smaller, everyday size..sometimes I just don't need that much bag but it is so gorgeous that I want to use her!

    Ideally, I'd love to have one in a bold color and one in dark grey but the dark grey would need to be a special order. For me, I REALLY need to see some modeling pics before committing that kind of coin. And I agree with Tropicalgal...there will ALWAYS be another beautiful bag on the horizon!

    Still, I really love this style!
  12. Me too:yes: If I love it, I'm going to order another one in black crash:graucho:
  13. You guys have got me in a frenzy too! I ordered a chocolate LMM a couple days ago before Contessa posted her fushia. Now I can't wait to get mine!!! If anyone else has a chocolate one preordered, did Jackie tell you when to expect it? I haven't gotten a chance to ask.

    Also, I read on another post that members of tPF get free shipping. Is that still true? Since I'm paying full price for the bag, I need to feel like I got a deal somewhere. Free shipping makes me feel a little better...
  14. Jackie didn't say when the special order chocolate LMM would be ready...and I didn't ask. I should have. The shipping will be free. I've put my bag buying on hold until I get this bag...and that's not easy:girlsigh:
  15. I feel the same! Jackie had suggested the black crash LMM to me, but I was a bit worried to get that as my first BE bag since I'm a bit on the conservative side. But reading all these posts is making me crazy! Maybe I want the fuschia! Or maybe the black crash! It's like I need to stop myself and take a deep breath...

    I'm so excited about seeing all the other bags in her line too. I don't want to spend all my money on different colors of LMMs and then decide that there are other bags that I want... But I can't wait any longer!!!! :nuts: