Belen Echandia Love Me Mini question

  1. Jackie and I have been emailing about the Love Me Mini colors, particularly about whether it's going to be made in petrol (I love that color!) Here is what she emailed me today:

    I cannot guarantee that we are making that style in petrol – though if I get enough requests for it, we will.
    [If you want to go ahead and ask around the PF and see if you can get 3 or 4 people together including yourself, I can do it for you. I will need to find out how long it will take, but should be by the end of February?

    Would anyone be interested in a Love Me Mini in petrol? If so, post here and I'll let Jackie know!
  2. There's a good chance I would be interested. I was hoping to meet lovebags2 in Feb. to see one of her LMMs to make sure I love the style. Is Jackie looking for deposits very soon?
  3. Lillie, good luck on coordinating a bespoke order for Jackie! Actually, they are a lot of fun. It's a pleasure working directly with her and you get the added bonus of chatting with such nice ladies on this forum.....

    I hope your order goes forward soon, I"m sure it will. I find that her handbags are definetely worth the wait, even if it's months.....:smile:
  4. hm, when do you need to know by? I am definitely potentially interested!!
  5. How much is the love me mini? in £'s please!!!
  6. Hi Flyvetjo. It is $595 US -- so I think about 297 in pounds -- although I think it is more because of your VAT, which is how much %? The prices and Spring 08 line will be posted any day now on
  7. I saw on the website $189 and I thought that must be the price. I think maybe I was mistaken and that is just a deposit on the bag. If this is so why wouldn't they post the actual price? Anyone know the answers?!
  8. The website doesn't have the price yet since the LMM is not officially released. They are only taking preorders now.
  9. I wanted the Love Me in Petrol and since I cant find that, Id be interested in a Love Me Mini in Petrol