Belen Echandia Love Me Mini - Apple Green or Mustard Anyone?

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Got this from Jackie...anyone up for apple green or mustard? It's so hard, because you have to commit, but I guess if she has the leather, and the demand is there, we can do other colors (including petrol, right?). And she's doing purple! Note from her this morning (she's so sweet!):

    I'm doing London Fashion Week this week - so do let everyone know I might be a little slow in replying. We have set up a stand in the exhibition tent, it looks so pretty with all the bags!

    I am totally open to making the LMM in one of those colours - I have to check that we have the leather (apple green is not a problem, but mustard might be if we haven’t pre-ordered it) but I haven’t done so yet. Do you know of others who are interested in it, if so do let me know and we can do a special order, but I would need to have 4 or 5 people interested to be able to make it 'off schedule'.

    The current order is for:

    · Fuchsia
    · Chocolate
    · Wine
    · Dark Grey
    · Black Crash
    · Black
    · Purple
    · Light grey shimmer
    · Cream shimmer

    The first part of the new site will be up and running in the next couple of days – so the new collections will be on there and some of the new colours will be, though others we are still waiting for.

    Do let me know what you think.
  2. Audball what great news! I might possibly be interested in the apple much are the LMM's again? $595?
  3. Yep, $595, that's what I heard...but from Jackie there will probably be customs fees on top of that ....
  4. or in £ she told me today they are £320
  5. audball~does this mean that the current order will now be standard colors for the LMM?
  6. I have to see a bag in those colors first, before I could commit. I could be into apple green if it was a brighter green and not too muted. The mustard preview pix look promising too
  7. Audball, thanks for the info! I am going to seriously consider it. Will review the LMM photos and try to decide. (My purple LM should arrive this Thursday and I'll decide if I want another LM or a LMM!)

    Is there any chance Jackie will take pictures of the BE stand in the exhibition tent? If there are any lucky tPFers who are going to Fashion Week, please take photos of the BE exhibit!
  8. What preview pix of mustard are you referring to?? I'd love to see her new colors!
  9. I think it was in the lounge thread...there were a few pix of the new styles (be mine and Im yours) and 2 were in mustard
  10. I believe so...that means that we can at least expect some more purple (yum!)...
  11. Personally, I'd love to see a pic of the Plum Crash before making any decisions on the purple.

    I definitely see another LM or LMM in my future!!
  12. ^^I know...plum would be lovely, but can *I* wait that long?! LOL! :rolleyes:
  13. I cant afford one, but everyone who knows me is fully aware that APPLE GREEN IS MY SIGNATURE COLOR. Does that sound corny? Its really my color though, and of course making the LMM in it will just make it harder to resist maxing out my budget to get one!
  14. Of course you can!

    We'll start up a "BE Annonymous" ........for BE addicts!!!! :lol:

    We'll support each other and make it through the wait!!!
  15. Lol... I'm in definite need of support here. Two months and still waiting... I can sympathize with Sara999 waiting for her purple LM. Every now and then I check the website or look the BE pictures thread to get my fix, but it's not enough. I need the real thing to get here already!!! Arrgghhh!