Belen Echandia LOVE ME hits the streets of New York

  1. Hi ladies! So I got my Black Crash LOVE ME and hit the streets of New York for shopping and sightseeing. The bag softened up amazingly in a few days. It is a good city bag, holds lots, and looks uber chic at all times. Loved the zipped compartment inside to keep my wallet safe. And, I loved the outside zippers which kept my comb, makeup, and, my Metro Card for the bus and subway -- so I didn't have to go digging inside. It is a hard working city bag. DID NOT like the way the handles slipped off my shoulder though. I was wearing a nylon raincoat (Burberry!) and I needed always to keep a hand on the straps as I walked. It is hardwearing and indestructible, can take a lot of smooshing on crowded subways, etc. Yet looks impeccably cool. If you lead a city life and need a chic, shoulder tote, of HIGH QUALITY and HIGH COOL: THIS IS IT!!! :yes:
  2. Hi, great report on your handbag.

    I should receive mine by the weekend. I ordered the same exact one as yours. The black crash (silver hardware).

    Can you post pics?

    Do you think the straps will fall if just wearing a sweater or lighter coat? I'm not happy to hear that part because I love my handbags when that's not an issue.

    Overall, I"m glad your happy with your choice.
  3. Actually, funny you should mention the straps. I noticed they fall off my shoulder too and it drives me crazy. I thought it might have been the coat I was wearing, but I believe it's happened with other garments. It's something to do with the construction of the handles. My Take Me Anywhere doesn't do this. :s
  4. Thanks for the fantastic report! I'm sorry to hear the handles slip. That's one of those things that's really hard to judge when you're trying a bag at a store or at home, you really need to take it out for awhile to get an idea. I'm a little concerned since I have a Love Me on the way, but maybe I'll end up carrying it with the longer strap if it bothers me.
  5. The comment about the straps interest me because I'm considering getting a Love Me. I don't like straps falling off my shoulders and my Stroke Me bag does that too. My Take Me Anywhere is fine. I don't use the long strap because the length is awkward for me.

    I'm glad both you and the bag had a good time in NYC.
  6. Glad you love your 'love me'!!! Sounds like a great bag. Out of interest did you use your new Mulberries while you were in New York?
  7. Haven't used the Mulberries yet. They are for Merry Christmas to Me!
  8. Oh fun fun... glad you liked it so much and thanks for the report!!

    Have fun with her!
  9. I have the Love Me in black crash, too but the straps are sitting perfectly on my shoulder. I put one strap over the other which I always do with two straps and they sit there all day. You might try this.
  10. Thanks Tanja -- I'll try what you say about the straps. Your pix were my inspiration for purchasing the black crash.

    CityChris -- Do let us know when you get your Petrol Love Me and how you break it in, etc.
  11. These bags are really great. Where are they constructed? Anyone know?
  12. Sounds like a great idea!
  13. Roo -- the bags are handsewn in Italy.
  14. This works great for me as well!
  15. Congrats to all.