Belen Echandia in the rain?

  1. Hi gals- just got my first BE- a dark gray Love Me, and I love IT! :p Do you all use these bags in the rain? It's supposed to be snowing in NY tomorrow, and I'm thinking I should switch bags. TIA!
  2. I use my BE Love Me and Indulge Me in the rain. I took the IM out yesterday, as a matter of fact and it was pretty yucky out - the black crash held up wonderfully!
  3. I have a dark grey LM and haven't had a problem with the weather yet.

    What good is a bag if you can't wear it because of the weather????
  4. That's good to hear girls, thanks. And oh, Contessa... you wouldn't believe how anal I am with my bags... I'll be the first to admit- I have issues. :shame:
  5. LOL! So did I! I remember my first LV! I babied that thing....esp the lighter leather parts. Then one day it rained and there was nothing I could do! It held up beautifully....thanks to the quality. I haven't worried since!

    Jackie's bags are very high quality and I believe they'll weather the elements just fine!

    Congrats on your purchase btw.....I love my LM!!!! Hope you enjoy yours!!!
  6. oh good. it rains so often here that i was worried!
  7. No problem in the rain with my BE's!!! I have Clutch Me, Stroke Me, Love Me, and soon to come: Hold Me and Angel Purse.
  8. Glad to hear it, all... I'm not a BE expert as this is my first one, but I just thought that the crash leather may hold up better in rain than the regular leather. I have a purple Balenciaga that is fine in the rain, and that's what the crash reminds me of...
  9. The real proof of the quality of the Belen Echandia bags is that I walked into the living room one morning and found a wet SM (med kiwi from sample sale) on the couch. It seemed to be cat urine but strangely not odorious as my male cat likes to mark his territory. The stain totally disappeared when it dried and only the lining has a few little spots that were faded. I still plan to treat it with Nature's Miracle though.
  10. I hope it works, because my friend had to rip out and replace not only her carpet, but her hardwood flooring to get rid of the cat urine odor. It's lethal...and pretty much permanent.
  11. Redd,

    Congrats on your dark grey LM! I have the same bag and am addicted to it! I think you'll find that your bag holds up well in the elements--just stash an umbrella in your bag and you should be in good shape! Don't forget to post pictures in the post your pictures thread!