Belen Echandia Handbags

  1. I just ordered a new Belen Echandia bag from Jackie Cawthra in London. But I ordered it in petrol-which is the deep blue. It's called the "Take Me Anywhere" bag-and I'm sure that I will take it everywhere!:smile: Jackie is the owner of the company and couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. We emailed back and forth and then she called to take my order. Just fabulous customer service. It will ship next Tuesday the 24th. I can't wait to see it!:yahoo:

  2. that is a gorgeous bag! how did you hear about this brand?
  3. You are so lucky JNH14! I have been CRAVING that bag in tan for months now, but it's just too expensive for my budget! :sad:
    I hope you enjoy yours, though. I think it looks like THE ABSOLUTE PERFECT BAG!
    Have fun with it!
  4. Great choice! I have 2 bags in petrol blue from a previous collection, and they are gorgeous and go with everything. Been 'scoping out the new collection but haven't made a decision yet. Jackie is a delight to deal with; I love the personal service.
  5. beautiful bag! what is their website?
    They have only had a trunk show at Barneys, NY so far. They are based in London, but are planning to enter the US market. I can't say enough about their service-I was having trouble with the site and Magnus-the co-owner emailed me several times within 24 hours so that we could solve the problem. Then Jackie emailed me about all of the color options that the bag is available in. On the site it only shows three colors. The petrol was not there. She is just as pleasant as she could be. I highly recommend them just because of their service. When I get my bag in the next few weeks-I'll post photos of the color/bag.:smile:
  7. Yes, please post when you receive it and let us know how it works out for you in terms of durability, etc.

    I have posted about this brand quite a bit after learning about it here. I covet the tan (and I'm hoping I can order it with silver hardware.)
    It does seem to be the perfect bag.
  8. You will never regret A Belen bag! I came across this designer at a sample sale a year or so ago in London and they are just wonderful. The website is worth signing up for as there are lots of newsletters and bits and pieces that go beyond simply selling bags. I love BE - I am so glad the word is spreading across the Atlantic.

  9. Miss Sooky, you are so right about signing up! Jackie told me that once or twice a year they do a three day sale and put their bags at a discount. If you sign up on their email list-you'll receive notification about it.:yes:
  10. I didn't see any for sale at that site. Just a link to their website!:p
  11. I think your bag is gorgeous and I applaud you for seeking out this relatively unknown brand. I'm definitely going to look into it. How much is the bag? I just want to know price range: expensive or stratospheric? Thank you!
  12. I believe it's in the neighborhood of $799 w/o tax and shipping. Not sure, but if you email she could give you the approximate cost. Not stratospheric-but damaging! :yes: If you compare it to Chanel etc-a bargain!!!

    Padded shoulder strap
    Short handles
    Central zip compartment
    Inside zip pockets
    Mobile pocket
    PDA pocket
    Fuchsia silk lining
    Detachable B.E logo
    Size: W 38 cm, H 35 cm (without strap)

    Everyones favourite, this years Take Me Anywhere is the perfect day bag.

    Its lightness and dual straps mean it is easy to carry either on the shoulder or on the elbow.

    Shown here in:

    $799 [​IMG]
  13. The bag looks simply gorgeous online, so congrats!
  14. This bag looks fabulous!! Please post pics when you recieve it!! :smile: