Belen Echandia Handbag Give Away!

  1. Hello All, I am forwarding this post from Jackie and hope that you take the time to enter her contest!:yes:

    "What I want you all to do is to send an email to with a list of your 5 top little luxuries. It
    can be anything you want - whatever luxury means to you. I find the
    subject fascinating and everyone loves to dream...! The most
    imaginative answer will be sent a bag."
    Jackie Cawthra
  2. These links don't work...
  3. I don't know why-just cut and paste into your email browser address! Sorry-that's the link that she gave me! It worked in my email-so you'll have to enter that way!:confused1:
  4. Try it without the www.
  5. That last one is an email link, to send in your entry.

    I think if you go to , which redirects to the contest info is showing on the first page. It takes awhile to flash by but it is there in the left-center panel.

    Hope that helps and I haven't confused things further. My luxury: websites that don't confuse me!