Belen Echandia FUSCHIA LM mini

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  1. Ok she is! An absolute, total SEXY confection of a handbag that is going to rock my world!!!!!

    I'll give my full report after following the pics.....Let's just say....I'm glad I've added color to my life!!! It's exactly what I need.

    Color is where it's AT!!!!




  2. :love::amazed::love::amazed::love::amazed::love:
  3. That mini LM is sooooooooooooooo to die for!!!!!!

    Weren't you getting a black LM as well?
  4. Gorgeous, amazing, stunning! Thanks so much for the pics., any chance of getting a modeling shot of you rockin' this sexy bag?
  5. The silver hardware is perfect with it! :love:
  6. Perhaps! :devil:

    You mean this one??????


    Black Crash I.jpg
  7. As soon as DH returns from his biz trip tomorrow night, he'll snap a few pics....

    My plan is to pick him up at the airport tomorrow (he arrives shortly after midnight)...dressed in black, my sexy black stilletto boots, killer make-up, sexified hair...oh yeah....and my fuschia LM!!!!

    Think he'll notice???? Maybe I can play that, "I'm your mistress" scenario?????!!!!!
  8. Okay, I just felt faint!!!!

    Contessa, you sure know how to pick em!!!!!!

    Now, you have three different types of BE leathers. Please, oh please, write a detailed description and comparison of them?!?!

    Also, this HAS to have made you feel better since your accident. By the way, are you still feeling sore?
  9. I think you may not get around to taking pics under that scenario...but sounds like fun!

    (Maybe snap a few in the mirror before you go.);)
  10. More FUSCHIA pics

    This leather is different from my dark grey, and black crash. Maybe it's similar to CityChris' Vino b/c it's supersoft, slight sheen, and very Balenciaga-ish. I have a Bal and honestly, put them side by side....blindfold me....I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference.

    I can only imagine what this bag will become in a few weeks....sheer, molten perfection!

    Is it hot in here??????!!!!!!





  11. I can not wait for your modeling pics! As you know, I have the regular LM, and it's pretty big. So I'm thinkin for my next one, the mini, but I'd really like to see it on someone first.

    Also, did the mini come with the longer strap??

    And what is the BLack crash leather like? Is it Balenciaga-ish?
  12. Contessa, that bag is a beauty!! congrats! (Actually, both of them)
  13. Those bags are sooooooo beautiful!
  14. The mini does come with a messenger-style strap, although I didn't get one with this mini. In all honesty, I wouldn't use it anyways.

    Ok...drink and then detailed analysis of each leather. I do have to say that just off the cuff here....the closest to Balenciaga right now is the Fuschia leather, but the Black Crash is a close second.
  15. CONTESSA! You sly fox, you!