Belen Echandia Free Shipping!

  1. Hello All,
    Just a head's up on a note that I received from Jackie regarding purchase of her Belen Echandia bags from London. Those of you that are interested may want to read her note to me-I am passing it along so that you can take advantage of this great offer!

    "Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the feedback about the duties being charged to US customers.
    Unfortunately there is not much I can do to persuade the US government to
    drop those duties, but I would like to offer everyone who buys a Belen
    Echandia bag via the Purse Forum free shipping from the UK. The UK prices
    are higher anyway, because they already include the tax, which is removed
    from the US prices. So when US customers pay duty, they are not paying any
    more than they would pay if they purchased the bag in the UK. Not many
    people realise that, maybe it will make them feel better.

    Please could you let everyone know, since you are well known on the Purse
    Forum and I believe that if you post this, more people will know about and
    can benefit from the new free shipping than if I do it myself. Of course
    this includes customers who have recently placed their pre-orders with us.

    Many thanks for your help in letting people know.


    Jackie Cawthra
    Founder and Creative Director

    I am also posting the link to the thread with some of the new bags!
  2. Thanks so much for the heads up JN. That will definitely be great news to lots of TPF'ers. :tup:

  3. YYou're so welcome-those of us that own her bags know what beauties they are! We have twin "Take Me Anywhere" bags in petrol! I'm thinking purple might be my next one...:rolleyes:
  4. I'm joining you girls soon (Love Me in stone grey with silver hardware)!! :tender:

    Thanks so much, Jan, for giving her feedback - I'm sure that influenced her decision a great deal. Jackie is just so nice - I'm very happy to be supporting such great designer!
  5. You are so welcome, and you are right-Jackie is a gem! I've never had anyone be as pleasant and personable as she is-and she owns the company!:yes: