Belen Echandia Food!!!

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  1. Okay, y'all, BE has a recipe section in its magazine now. I just sent in a recipe for Mexican Rice. It's red rice, so it matches my red Charm Me. And it has green peas in it, so it also matches my MMS kiwi. Send your fave recipes to Lydia @ belenechandia . com

    Finzup, aren't you the one who showed us those fab pioneer recipes?

    I might have Lydia change my recipe to Red Charm Me Mexican Rice so it will tie into BE.

    I can't WAIT to read other BE names y'all give your own recipes! How fun!

  2. This sounds wonderful!!

    I don't cook..I do collect cookbooks and I slice and cut meat and stuff for the dogs.....BUT I love giving inspirational recipes to my hubby!
  3. Oh, this sounds like it will be fun! I love, love to cook so trying out some favorite recipes from Belenistas from around the world would be exciting.
  4. When entertaining, I am all about preparing as much as you can beforehand and enjoying time with your guests - this dessert and the app both fit my requirements... delicious and actually are better when they have time to set.

    LoveHandbags Zuppa Inglese

    9” sponge or pound cake (cut it in 3 layers)

    Mix 1 package of vanilla pudding as directed

    ¾ cup strawberry or raspberry jam

    1/3 cup Amaretto

    Whipped cream (I make home made but anything will do)

    Fresh strawberries or raspberries

    Slivered almonds

    1st layer Pour ½ of the liquor over the bottom layer of cake, then spread ½ of the jam and ½ of the pudding

    2nd layer pour the other half of the liquor, the other ½ of the jam and the other ½ of the pudding

    3rd layer top with whipped cream and whole fresh raspberries or strawberries and slivered almonds

    Tarragon marinated shrimp kabobs

    1 - 9 oz pkg refrigerated uncooked small spinach cheese tortellini

    1 to 1 ½ lb fresh or frozen medium sized cooked shrimp, thawed (about 40)

    1 large red pepper, cut into 1 ½ inch strips

    2 (4.5 oz) jars whole mushrooms, drained

    1 cup white wine vinegar

    ½ cup oil

    1 tbs sugar

    ½ tsp dried tarragon leaves

    ½ tsp finely grated lemon peel

    ¼ tsp salt

    2 tbs lemon juice

    Few drops hot sauce

    40 cocktail picks

    Cook tortellini to desired tenderness as directed on package. Drain; rinse with cold water.

    In a medium non-metal bowl, combine tortellini, shrimp, red pepper and mushrooms. In a small non-metal bowl, combine remaining ingredients; blend well. Pour over shrimp mixture. Cover; refrigerate overnight to blend flavors.

    To serve, place 1 tortellini, 1 shrimp, 1 red pepper strip, 1 mushroom and another tortellini on each cocktail skewer. Discard marinade. 40 appetizers.

    Enjoy all of the above with loved ones!
  5. Lovie, these sound so mouth-watering! Did you send them to Lydia? She is posting them on the new Food section of the BE mag. I'm fixin' to TRY to write down a Mexican recipe called Pipian Rojo. It's from my husband's family in Mexico and so old that no one in the family can remember not eating it. It HAS to be at least 200 or so years old, maybe older. But I'm the kind of cook that eyeballs measurements, so I have a horrible time trying to guess how much of each ingredient the recipes call for! But this Pipian Rojo is made with a goodly amount of roasted sesame seeds, and it tastes so ... so DIFFERENT than anything I'd ever eaten before the first time I had it. It is made with red chiles. The other one I want to send Lydia is Pipian Verde, and it is green. Made with pumpkin seeds and green chiles.

  6. These things all sound wonderful; some good for weight watchers (like me). Great thread. By the way, Beckie, fantastic spread in the BE magazine. I know you're looking forward to the chocolate crash. I'm still awaiting the red glossy TMM with the cardinal lining. The box of fabrics finally made it to Marco. BTW, didn't know you wrote novels - I'm going to do a search for in the Amazon books category and pick up a few to peruse. I'm sure they are wonderful.
  7. Nunn, look in the used books section of Amazon, as they are all out of print now. Maybe one day very soon they will be re-published. Hope you find some! A BASKET OF WISHES was my most fun book to write, but I did really enjoy the totally sassy, irreverent heroine in RAINBOWS AND RAPTURE. My choco crash has just left Europe and is winging its way over here to Yankee Doodle Land. :yahoo:

  8. Thanks for mentioning this Moon! :biggrin: I have to go check it out and get some ideas. I wonder if anyone would like to try out recipes from Hawaii... its a virtual melting pot of nationalities here and so many ethnic foods have evolved since immigrants brought them over, to fit the local taste. Haupia anyone? :amuse: