Belen Echandia Fall '07

  1. Did anyone else get the e-mail regarding the fall preview? Oh my, I already want the "Love Me" and the "Charm Me". :heart:
  2. Me too! :drool:
  3. The Love Me bag is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in the cracked silver color :love:
  4. Have to say, I love the Love Me too - crash pewter maybe...LOVE it!
  5. Love the "Love Me" too. I'm thinking "Petrol" maybe?
  6. Petrol is beautiful - I just got it in Indulge me...showing off a picture

    bag 2_1.jpg
  7. JNH14- I finally reached Jackie using the email you suggested -- thanks! And I really lucked out because she had a petrol indulge me that she hadn't put on the website yet and I snagged it. I'm very excited to be able to get this bag without waiting.

    She also showed me a pic. of the Love Me and I also love it (appropriately named bag). I'm considering that style in wine.

    Thanks for the link!

  8. thanks for the link citychris

    I just saw the sneak peek and the bags are the colour swatches are beautiful! So so so so so NICE!
  9. I just love the 'love me' !! Want one!!!
  10. Jesus did the prices go up again??? I love the bags but at those prices I will be waiting for the clearance.

  11. Keep the faith-they have two yearly sales...they did one in June, my guess is the other will be towards the holidays. Will keep you posted! You're welcome for the link! :smile:
  12. Could be a nice Christimas present...

    Also, I wonder if prices will be lower at any U.S. stores. I spoke with Cindy at Muse Ten in SF and she quoted some prices that are lower than on BE's website.
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats!!

  14. The way you'd save money is not having to pay the shipping from England which is about $80! It would be a lot less here...and you'd have taxes unless you could order it online. :smile: