Belen Echandia Comparison Pics LM & LMM!!!

  1. Hi are comparison pics side by side of the LM and LMM.

    Hope this give you a better understanding of the size. And I photographed these wearing my coat to let you see how generous these bags are. The LMM is not tight under the arm whatsoever....I know that can be an issue with some bag styles but not this one!

    First LM in dark grey


    Second....LMM in FUSCHIA!

    Contessa blk coat dg.jpg Contessa Fuschia black.jpg
  2. Outstanding! This is a great comparison with the pictures next to each other like that. They look utterly gorgeous, and so do you!
  3. Lovely! I like the fuchsia, especially. :yes:
  4. Muah! :kiss:
  5. Thanks so much, Contessa! These are so helpful. You are so glam, darlin'!
  6. I agree with all the others, the bags are almost as gorgeous as you!!
  7. Contessa, thanks for the most useful set of comparison photos I have seen in a while! It convinced me that I was right to order the LM rather than the LMM since I have never seen either IRL.

    Now if only I could stop having to rely on my patience karma to get me through the wait for them...
  8. Rileyroo...:tender:

    Pinkshoulders....I'm glad to help. I love both of these bags...the mini is so sweet, but I have to admit I love having both....I adore the reg size LM.
  9. Contessa, Great pics! You look incredibly stylish with both bags and make winter look glamorous!

    I had a chance to go the Muse Ten today. They don't have much of a selection, however, I was able to try the LM on in Pewter. Very beautiful bag, but way too much bag for me. I am 5' 1.5" and on the petite side. It would be a great bag for travel only for me and not for everyday. Muse Ten expects to get their new BE bags in at the end of January. It's like a candy store for purse lovers with all high end designer handbags!

    Contessa, I imagine you are much taller than me which is why the LM looks so great on you. I really wanted to love the LM but just doesn't work for me (I look like a little kid playing dress up :lol:), so needless to say I can not wait for my LMM's. Now I just need to decide if I want another in Dark Grey. Your pics are pushing me over the edge!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share these pics with us, it's very helpful!
  10. Seriously beautiful bags and even better action shots! I agree - very very useful and helpful for those of us who haven't seen either LM IRL.

    I love the fuschia but dang - the dark grey makes my heart flutter every time I see action shots of it! It really is the perfect shade. I can see how it could pick up some browns too if that's what you were wearing.

    Thank you!! :smile:
  11. Thanks for the pics.

    You wear both bags very well! Can definitely dress up with the fuscia and tone down with the gray. Even though the fuscia is smaller, it really looks like it packs a punch.
  12. OMG! Those bags look great on you! And they are so TDF! Now it's going to be super hard to keep my little hands off a new BE!
  13. Contessa I know you've mentioned it before but I can't remember so I'll ask again - how tall are you?

    Thanks! :heart:
  14. DMarie...I was SO tempted to get the LM in pewter at Muse Ten. I thank you for your opinions on it. It's stunning though, no???

    I'm about 5'4" (and I wear heels, which puts me at 5'7"/5'8") and I've always loved larger bags. I find that once the LM softens up a bit, it's never as large as it seems in the beginning.

    Now a LMM in pewter....that's an entirely new dilemma!!!
  15. The LM in pewter is gorgeous! It looks like liquid metal! Muse Ten has it front and center in the window, which fortunately does not get a lot of sun. That bag draws your attention directly to the store front. Almost like a beacon pulling people into the store IMO! It's almost like a rock star kind of bag, if you know what I mean?

    I am going to hold off on a LMM in Black Crash because Muse Ten will have it in a few weeks and then I can see in person. I'll report back if others don't already have by that time.

    Now a LMM in pewter, that would be something to contemplate! Hmmmm......