Belen Echandia Chocolate STROKE ME finally arrived...

  1. Hi Ladies! Well, FINALLY, the Chocolate Stroke Me, that I ordered at the BE sale last June...came into my life! (As you know I live abroad, so it is hard for me to get things mailed into my country.) A friend received it in the U.S. and came to visit with my new Chocolate STROKE ME on her shoulder (I told her to open it and travel with it) and I was bowled over that this was my chic bag. It is brilliant! When you see it online, it looks odd, a curious shape, not in line with what is going on in the handbag world. But when filled, it is gorgeous and light and just sings of elegance. This is a lifelong keeper! The color of Jackie's Matte Chocolate, is unlike anything I've ever seen before -- almost a ash mud, not the "usual" chocolate you would imagine. This is very rich looking. I am SO HAPPY with this beautiful bag, which I will use as a travel tote when I fly in style. When I figure out how to post pix, I will.
    Just wanted to share. :woohoo:
  2. It sounds wonderful! Please post pics! I think a BE bag is in my future!
  3. Wow, sounds like it was worth the wait! (I'm so impatient I can't imagine having to wait months and months for a bag....) Can't wait to see pics. Enjoy!
  4. I am so happy you have jumped into the Belen world, my friend. They are gorgeous bags! J.
  5. Congrats, so glad to hear it was worth the wait! (I'd have a really hard waiting that long).
  6. Congratulations! Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. Yea!! Can't wait to see the pictures! Congrats!
  8. Ladies...this is my second Belen Echandia bag. I have the Matte White CLUTCH ME, which is THE ultimate clutch, the most adorable, squishy, perfect sized clutch. I swear, I will never have to buy another clutch again! LOL. It goes great with jeans...and it goes great with all black evening wear. Highly recommended. Anyway, I'm acquiring slowly mantra: on sale.
  9. I saw that bag on their site, it is really gorgeous. Belen does a great chocolate brown. Enjoy!! (Can't wait till you post the pics!)
  10. ooohhh need some pics...can't wait to see!

  11. I join the crowd...can't WAIT to see pictures...and please make sure some are modelling pictures! Congratulations. You sound happy with your bag!
  12. It sounds gorgeous. Can't wait to see the pics!
  13. Yes, please post a picture! I would love to see this bag modeled.

    And congratulations, of course, on another beautiful bag!

    I don't know how you work up the patience to wait for your bags to be shipped or delivered...sounds like it is worth it though...I could use a lesson - I'm so "instant gratification or nothing"...

    sidetracked! congrats on the bag!
  14. I have no choice re the patience required. It is one of the not so nice things about living in Mexico. Very difficult to get mail here, and the duty is 100%, if not 200%! So I watch you ladies buy all year...enjoy your purchases...and then when I go to the U.S., I buy. I can't count on buying on sales...because timing is everything when it comes to a sale. So, often, I really think about a bag for months, then buy it at whatever price. In this way, I don't make so many handbag mistakes... I buy less, but I'm happier.
  15. :tup:...and I bet you don't buy/*think real hard*/return, buy/*think real hard*/return, etc like I do! You situation sounds like the perfect solution for the little pattern I seem to have going.

    Hmmmm, now how do I propose moving out of country to hubby so I can really get the bag I want, instead of all the great bags I see on sale, buy and return or use once and sell?