Belen Echandia "Charm Me"

  1. Hi Ladies -- Anyone have a BE "Charm Me?" I want to know if it is stiff, or boxy... Share pix and tell us why you chose this style. Thanks!:girlsigh:
  2. TG,

    Here are the pics of mine. It's actually softer than it looks in the B.E. website pics, and wider at the bottom. It's a happy medium between structured and soft. IMO.


  3. Actually I first set my eyes on Charm Me but after looking at the Love Me post, I'm divided between them! Anyway I'll wait for the sale (crossing my fingers if they are!) so I can get both!!
  4. WOW-that bag is hot! It really reminds me of a B-Bag. Don't you just love the Belen Echandia handbags? I have two now and would love to get this one in purple-but will have to hold off for a while until my recently downsized hubby finds another job!:rolleyes: By the way when I recently emailed Jackie it sounds like they won't have another sale until January.
  5. That is one hot bag. I'm really tempted....
  6. I'm waiting for my Charm Me in black crash to arrive. I'll try to post pictures when it does.
  7. Morebags -- we are breathlessly awaiting your fotos!!!
  8. Where do you guys find Belen Echandia bags?? Do they ship to the U.S.?

  9. Thanks!
  10. pseub- what a beautiful bag! The red is gorgeous, and it looks great on you! I've been looking for a fun, red bag...I'll have to check out Belen!
  11. how wide is the "Charm me"? is it a thin, narrow bag? lots like it. can we get a picture of the side of it?
  12. I have been checking out Belen E bags all day and I am falling in :heart: with them!!!

    Might have to add them to my list...they look yummy!!
  13. I'll try to get a pic tonight. The bag is about 4-5" wide at the bottom and tapers up to the top.
  14. I'd also be interested to know the width as well as the handle drop.