Belen Echandia Bags


Apr 23, 2007
Great, but make sure that you register and let them know you want to waitlist the right color etc. You can email What color do you want to get?:smile:

I'm leaning towards the Chocolate, just because I just got a smoke blue Hayden Harnett triple strap (love it!). -I try to avoid another black bag;
-The gray looks a little washed out, and not a good color for this size bag;
-White (for me) is out of the question - I have a 6 yr old that constantly in my bag looking for something;
-Red? hmm, I can't pull that off
-If Tan, then might as well go for something deeper / richer.

What do you think?


Feb 25, 2006
I saw this picture of one of their customer's. It hangs so nice! I'm a bit (teeny bit) concerned of the size - looks a little big, no?

Although, I have seen it modelled by jadejett (do a forum search for this) and it looks fine.

I am currently awaiting for mine in petrol. It is being made, as we speak!

Admittedly, I was going to go for the brown until Jackie told me she could have one made to order in petrol at no extra cost.