Belen Echandia Aqua handbag?

  1. Good Morning ladies,

    Okay, I know that I had told everyone how "happy" I am with my collection and felt fine not buying on the BE sale this weekend. But, then, I was watching the aqua "casual" handbag for days now and it's at a great price still not sold. Hmmm.....

    I"m thinking that it could be a really cute summer bag, but, I"ve never owned an aqua handbag before so that's why I'm a little apprehensive on this purchase. Aqua probably isn't even as hard as I"m thinking it might be with coordinating and probably once I got it , I'd love. But, in the meantime, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on either the style BE bag (Casual, it came in wine, chocolate, yellow, etc..) or the color.

    So much for not buying, I suppose I did say I"m content with my current collection, I didn't specify , summer. LOL
  2. OOoo I hope you bought it because it's not there anymore and since I'm a total aqua fan I wondered who had gotten it. For me it was between that one and the zip top in aqua as you asked about coordinating - I find I can wear my aqua bag just about all the time in the summer. I get compliments on the colour (I had a cheap bag in this colour some time ago), so I'm not worried at all about coordinating. It's wonderful! You'll love it.
  3. Blue in any shade is my favourite colour. I used to have an aqua coloured bag and you'd be surprised how many colours it goes with... khaki green, navy blue, cream, white, brown... I could go on forever.

    I say, go for it...
  4. Thanks ladies,

    Okay, new development. Jackie is in a meeting right now and is holding the "aqua" handbag for me just until she gets a chance to answer my questions I had emailed her this morning about the aqua handbag. Now, is that customer service or what ladies? Jackie just impresses me more every day!

    Anyway, now, a chocolate is available in the casual bag too.

    So, I have a big choice, chocolate or aqua????? Help!
  5. Go for aqua... its a difficult-to-find colour whereas you can pick up a chocolate bag anytime, anywhere.
  6. Thanks ladies for your help. I get so nervous when I buy something I can't return. I don't mind spending $$ on great quality IF I love it and with me being on the fussy side, I just never know until it arrives and I try it on whether I'll love it or not.

    I really don't have many summer handbags, so the aqua just might be what I need. But, having a BE chocolate does sound yummy too.

    I'll make my decision soon and be sure to post in a bit.

    Thanks again! I love this forum for all the wonderful support.
  7. i'd go for aqua, it is so unique!
  8. Aqus is a very cool color to wear in summer -- with white, with black, with colors too. It is an acid color and can mix with colors. Very summery. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Thanks TropicalGal, I knew I could count on you for help too.

    What do you think of the "casual" bag shape/style for summer? Normally, I wear big/slouchy handbags during fall/winter. But, thought that maybe this cute more structured style might be fun for a change. Thoughts?
  10. Well you know I'm voting aqua - it is hard to find this colour - cheap bags look cheap in this colour but this just looks yummy - I also like the shape but would ask Jackie if she has any modelling pictures of it to help you. Re: chocolate - I have the TMA in chocolate and adore I'd wait on choc and buy the Love Me, or Charm Me, or TMA in that colour.
  11. This is a tough one... I think the aqua would be amazing and a great change of pace, but the chocolate leather is gorgeous, too. Good luck!
  12. So? what happened? Did you buy the aqua bag in the end or no??
  13. I think she's buying Aqua AND a Wine Stroke Me...???? :tup:
  14. TropicalGal, yes, your beat me to this post.

    So, does this mean your "in" with me on the wine? That would be fun!
  15. TropicalGal, oops, I just recalled, you returned the wine stroke me, yes?