Belen Echandia and the Picotin!


    maybe I am WAY behind the power curve, but I just noticed the eerie similarity to the picotin! I always find it fascinating when designers use other styles to influence their own, and even if it looks like a direct copy...hmm...most of the time they find it a way to make it theirs. Not trying to start a judgmental thread or discussion, just wanting to share something that I saw!

    Go ahead and close this if there is anything similar already posted, but I couldn't find one when I searched!

    Let me know what you all think of this bag! They call it the "Hold me" which is kind of cute. Course, most of the H bags I've seen would be called that :tup:
  2. Never heard of that brand before. It's funny, though it is definitely strongly influenced by the design of the Picotin, no denying that, to me it lacks the subtlety and clean design of the original. That's just my two cents though.
    Oh and I don't care for the sheen of the leather either. The suede one is OK though, even though it has a "silky" lining which to me means "acetate".

    LOL--so true!
  3. I know there have been discussions on other bags that were 'strongly influenced' by Hermes - like Coach having their flap bag that looked a lot like a Kelly...and the Trim...and other brands that have something similar to a Birkin, etc.

    To me, so much of fashion is mashed together that it is hard to tell where the original came from...and if you buy lower end clothing like I do, it's not like it's 100% original. I doubt certain styles of clothing were invented by Abercrombie and Fitch, LOL. If you get my drift. So I don't get too bent out of shape by companies that have certain 'odes to ____' in their styles of bag. Like for the most part Coach has distinctive style, as does H and other designers. As long as they aren't saying things like 'this bag will make you feel like you have a Hermes Kelly!' even when it clearly won't...

    But hmm, I saw this bag and was like WOW A PICOTIN!!! wait...what?
  4. I'm hoping maybe someone here has seen this brand and knows a bit more? I'm looking at a Belen Echandia thread on general discussion but so far there is no interesting information. Their price points seem to run along the same line as Coach, albeit just a tiny bit more.
  5. I saw the bag thanks for posting, the picotin to me looks better, its looks more quality and sleeker and thicker.x
  6. The handles for this bag looks like it can't hold too heavy weight.
  7. They do look like they are cut a lot thinner than the picotin...
  8. NO comparison to me:nogood:. Picotin IS cute, this one - NOT. But of course I am biased (look at my signature)
  9. It looks like a fun bag to take to the beach. I like the shinyness. It reminds me of a Bal color.
  10. Elizabeth, when I first saw the other bags on the site, I thought of BBags, until I saw this one when of course the shape reminded me of something else ;)

    I do admire jewel toned colors in shiny, nice leathers.
  11. BE seems to get good reviews around here, but I DEF. noticed this wanna be picotin! While I wouldn't mind a BE bag, and the owners seem like quality people, I don't this I would choose this particular style.
  12. Their 'love me' bag is kinda cute...and in the grey leather is kinda TDF...also reminds me of a BBag though?
  13. I was thinking indulge me in dark grey:tup:

    If only I hadnt found Hermes (and BV), I might actually buy one of these. But its too late now, i've got to save every penny for H.
  14. I rather like the name of 'STROKE ME' although not so much the design. But what a great name. It should be made out of croc...hrm...
  15. ^^Hold Me????:nuts: Being a Hermes Picotin Owner- I would rather Drop that!!
    there is no comparison!! Thanks for sharing:heart: