Belen Echandia...08 Stroke Me & Love Mini colors....

  1. what colors will the Stroke Me be coming in? Any word on the Indulge Me colors?

    And, I have to choose a LMM color...sorta torn between black crush, light grey sheen and wine...any opinions?
  2. Hi, the SM should be available in wine, chocolate, petrol and I think someone mentioned mottled gold. (Tan is probably an option too)

    As for the LMM, I have the light grey with sheen and I love it. The only issue with this color/style, it looks like your perfect spring/summer bag. For some reason, this light grey I think will look just amazing with pinks and other summery colors.

    It's a great lightweight summer bag!

    I should have my LMM's arrive this weekend in the other colors your interested, black crash and wine. I'll post all my thoughts then....
  3. Do you think they will have any more SM in purple? I love that shade and they are sold out. Thanks.
  4. thanks! I think I have a Love Me in Petrol headed my Im thinking maybe an SM in wine...the LMM maybe in black crush....and maybe tan for the Indulge Me. Of course these will have to be aquired over time, cant afford them all at once LOL..I just need to plan it all out
  5. Sukey - the wine looks like a gorgeous color and would go nicely with most other colors. I have a Botkier in Bordeaux and it seems to go with everything.