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  2. i have it, love it and will never let go of the bag....i've owned several LVs and this is the only one i have never thought of getting rid of! btw, i have the belem PM
  3. i just bought the Belem MM.. and adore it..
    it's very understated and classy..
    it's very roomy, though does not look huge..
    can't beat its shoulder straps too! :love:
  4. I have the PM , I like it as a small handbag. I wear it when I dress up. Can't use it everyday though, to small. Cute design though.
  5. I have a PM ,love it but I plan to sell it to fund for bigger bag since now I'm a mum and I really need a big bag.

    But It's really a cute bag anyway :yes:.
  6. i think it looks cute and not so commonly seen
  7. Thanks for all the great reply! Belem pm it is!