Belem mm-does someone have a picture of the interior?

  1. Thanks to the great pictures from DesigningStyle I went to the shop to have a look at the Belem MM and it is wonderful:drool: -but unfortunately I forgot to have a closer look at the interior:s

    Does someone has one (or two) pictures of the interior of the bag and how much it does fit or can tell me how much it fits?
    I normally carry a walet, cosmetic bag, book, Ipod, phone, keys, would it all fit?
    What is the colour of the interior? I am a bit irritated as on the LV site it states brown canvas from what I remember and I remember from my very quick look that it is red but eluxury says orange red:confused1: ?

    Help would be very much appreciated...!!!
  2. My Belem PM has an orange-red textile lining

    I think what you carry will fit in the MM
  3. Thank you-so maybe I just imagined that it was a red one like in the damier speedy :shrugs: or maybe they changed the lining recently?

  4. It has one inside pocket plus d-ring. The color is reddish, but not a bright and clear red.

    edit: And yes, it will hold your stuff :yes:
    belem innen2.jpg
  5. Thank you GerGirl, that was exactly what I needed, I thought it would probably be that orange lining they once had in some damier bags which I really did not like, now I am reassured. Off topic: greetings to my home country!
  6. ^^ the new belems have a red lining..that's what i have...i was able to choose between an old and a new one..make sure you check before you say yes!
  7. wow! i did not realize how wide it opened up! easy acess huh?
  8. You're welcome :flowers:
    Aah, you're from Germany? Why did you move to London (not trying to be inquisitive :p)?
  9. Thanks for that tip, Rensky, I certainly prefer the new lining.
    GerGirl, that is a long story but I always wanted to live here and at one point I decided to find out if it really is for me and went here-and it really was the right decision!
  10. The lining is indeed red...a warm red. I just peaked at her now--I have to say with my pomme d'amour 4 key holder inside it the lining really looks orangey red. But red just the same. The stuff you carry will definately fit in your bag...I carry the same stuff in addition to the big bulky LV sunglass case! And, still plenty of room to spare.
  11. As long as the lining is red and not orange-I am fine with a warm red, good to hear that it will fit my things.
  12. In fact I would call it red. I am only tempted to call it orangey-red because pomme is RED!
  13. DesigningStyle, thank you very much for posting your thread, which made me consider the Belem! Now I am looking forward to a trip in two weeks time when I hopefully will buy this bag.
    :yahoo: :yes: :yahoo: :yes:
    One more question, do you use monogram items with it like a wallet?
  14. I am so excited for you. :yahoo: Yes, I do use monogram accessories with my Belem MM. Right now inside of my beautiful Belem are:

    monogram makeup pouch (from my Petit Bucket)
    monogram perf cles
    monogram Koala wallet

    I think the monogram accessories add a nice accent with the Damier on the Belem. Oh, and I carry the pomme :heart: 4 key holder!
  15. Yes, I am very excited....I have the monogram Koala as well and will use my new mandarin agenda with it..can`t wait to get the bag.
    And I think I have a damier pochette, seems like I need another shot of colour:idea: