Belated Vday love and a necklace warning

  1. Happy Belated V-day guys! I was stuck with the flu all week and romance was definitely mixed with a heavy dose of Nyquil ;)

    My DH lovingly drove a suffered through buying me the Monogram Bubbles Pendant Necklace I'd been eying since I first saw it at the store :love:

    However, once I opened took it out of its pouch and started looking at its lovely design I noticed this:


    My first thought was, what's a fish charm doing on a necklace? LOL! LV sold me a broken necklace.

    See the difference from the pictures?


    Sadly my camera batteries were dying and could only get one shot off, but the pointy flower was broken. I'd never seen this in LV jewelry and it made me wary that if it can happen once, it could happen again.

    I promptly returned it to the store, and got myself two other goodies in its place that caught my eye.

    The Amarante Cosmetique

    The Grey Inclusion PM

    All of my inclusions happily together

    BTW if you've been dealt an unknowledgable or negative attitude by the LV Houston SAs, I highly reccomend the Neiman Marcus LV branch in the Galleria. They will fetch anything in the main store, and are a hundred times more friendly.
  2. Congrats! Hope you're feeling much better... all your Inclusions are beautiful and so was the necklace, too bad it was broken! :sad:
  3. Congrats! Sorry you received a defective necklace but your other goodies are just as nice!
  4. Congrats! LOVE your Inclusion collection. Sorry that the necklace was broken, how can they miss that?:s:
  5. I can't believe LV didn't catch that it was so obvioulsy broken.

    Awww, I hope you feel better really soon too. :flowers:

    Congrats on your new LV beauties!!
  6. hope ur feeling better! i love ur new additions and the models ;)
  7. Congrats, Mew! :heart: I'm glad you're feeling better :tup: Your new purchases are fabulous - I saw the amarante cosmetique yesterday in LV and it's stunning in person. And of course, all of the Inclusion bracelets are beautiful, but the grey is definitely my favorite so far.
  8. Congrats!!! Can't believe they sold you that.....actually I can if you've read my latest post! LOL Everything is lovely!!
  9. Congrats on the cosmetique and inclusion. Sorry to hear LV didn't catch the broken necklace.
  10. Aww.. I hope you feel super now !

    That really sucks to see about the "fish"/remnants of flower - you'd think their jewellery would be a little more well made ! Good choice on the inclusion though, now you can add another one to your tower ! :smile:
  11. Congrats! Love the Cosmetic case and the bracelet!!
  12. all of your inclusions are soooo pretty :love:
  13. Congrats, your collection of inclusions are amazing! :tup:
  14. Congrats on the cosmetic case and bangle, but I had no idea the necklaces did that!
  15. Wow! Unbelievable, broken like that! Congrats on other items