Belated Valentine's Day Reveal

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  1. A new beauty to add to my growing collection :P

    I've been putting off buying exotics because I knew it would turn into an uncontrollable (and very expensive) addiction. But this was DH's doing! Since he chose to open Pandora's box, I will have no fault in the demise of our bank account. LOL

    But in all honesty, I cannot get enough of this LD! The color is just so beautiful and in my favorite HW as well!

    Presenting my large Fuchsia Lady Dior with GHW!

  2. W O W ! It's jaw-dropping beautiful! Congratulations on your new exotic Lady Dior. What a sweet hubby!
  3. What a perfect & gorgeous vday gift!! Your hubby is awesome :smile:
  4. Nice colour !!! :heart:
  5. Thanks everyone. I am loving it to pieces!
  6. Absolutely stunning :graucho::smile::smile::smile: