Belated reveal

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  1. Holidays and weather got in the way but here are my two new babies... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391294414.562294.jpg

    The paillettes I bought for my December birthday. The mono shawl was a very unexpected Christmas gift from my daughter. Love live love
  2. Both are beautiful. Congratulations !
  3. These are both gorgeous! I love the Pailletes so much, and the scarf is TDF! Big congrats on both! ;)
  4. Congrats, lovely pieces!
  5. Beautiful pieces...CONGRATS!
  6. Beautiful! Two truly great pieces, congrats
  7. Congratulations!!!
  8. Oooooh, that scarf is GORGEOUS!!
  9. Very nice, what a great surprise from DD
  10. They are both extremely beautiful.
  11. beautiful LV's - congrats on both!!
  12. Thanks everyone. I took them both out tonight and they made me smile.

  13. It sure was. It's the most special gift I ever got because she worked so hard to get it for me.
  14. Both are very pretty!
  15. Beautiful!!!