Belated Promotion and Bday Pics

  1. Hi all- I have been having serious issues with my camara and DH finally got around to taking pics with his. Some of you may know that I was promoted at work recently (about two wks ago) and my bday just passed (4/15). Well, DH got me the riveting pochette and the mini lin cancun to celebrate! I only have one pic and not a great one, because DH wanted to mow the lawn--but here it is

    Also- some of you know that I am currently a little bit pochette crazy. I have gotten the blue & lilac epi, MC black, taupe charms, peach graffitti, & blue vernis in the past 3 weeks!!!! So I have also included a new pochette family shot.
  2. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your promotion!! What a great hubby you have!!
    - And, you can soon open a pochette museum;), lovely collection!!
  3. awww... :heart: all your pochettes! Happy belated birthday...:balloon: That was very sweet of your dh... Now you need a digi cam....;)
  4. That's what is messed up about it- I have a digital cam, well we have two of them. But the one I used to use is now officially junk. I will be buying a new one soon- just for me!
  5. Happy belated B-day & Congrats on ur recent promotion @ work!:yahoo: :heart: ur pochette family!
  6. Congrats on your promotion, and Happy Birthday! Your riveting is a lovely addition to your fabulous pochette collection. I love your lexington vernis! Pochette museum- hehe! Love it. :p
  7. happy b-day I love the LE geant LV cup one:yahoo:
  8. Congratulations on your promotion!
    Your pochette collection is awesome!

  9. You recognized it!! DH calls it my man bag
  10. ofcourse, I don't know where I was when those LE came out:sad: I think I was into video games:hrmm:
  11. Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on your promotion and on your beautiful new LV's!! I LOVE the Rivet!!!
  12. Congrats on all the great things!!
  13. Great additions! And what a cute collection! They look adorable together! Happy belated bday and congrats on your job promotion :balloon:
  14. Congratulations! A promotion is such a great feeling and milestone. You deserve it! Happy bday.
  15. congrats!