Belated Mother's Day gift for my mom

  1. IMG_7990.JPG I just got back from a trip and was able to pick up this Bloomsbury bag for my mom at the local LV store. She has been eyeing this bag and said it would be perfect to take with her on her travels. I actually got this at about $100 off than it would be at my LV store so I was pleased. I'm going to iron the dust bag before I give it to her but wanted to snap a pic first!
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  2. That is a beautiful and practical bag. Your mom will be very happy!
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  3. Thank you! I can't wait to give it to her today. I told her I tried to look for it and it wasn't in stock. She'll be surprised! :happydance:
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  4. Love the Bloomsbury so much. What a great gift! :heart:
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  5. That's so sweet. Hope she loves it!
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  6. Thank you!:heart:
  7. Thank you and she did! I gave her a card that made her cry first and I had hid the LV bag. As soon as she started crying I hurried up and gave it to her so she would stop crying! Lol!
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  8. Aww that's amazing!
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  9. Your Mom is going to be the LV bag wearing, wide grin:biggrin:, turning her friends green with envy:sick:, proud Mama:hugs: as she braggs :happydance:about and showcases the beautiful bag her extraordinary daughter blessed her with.
    She'll remember the day you gave her the card and bag for the rest of her life. Excellent job Daughter!!
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  10. Thank you so much! We also just took her to lunch and she was sitting there sending her friends a pic of her and the bag. Lol!!!:drinks:
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  11. how awesome!!! and your mom is right, bloomsbury is the very best traveling bag. it is the easiest, most comfortable bag to carry. i have had one for quite a few years and would never part with it because it is so effortless to carry. how nice that you were able to do this for your mom. know you must be thrilled to see her reaction. so great!
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  12. :yes: I'm sure she was.
    She may have also been doing a virtual :P to some of her "Special" friends. LOL - We all have "those" kind of friends.
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  13. Awesome! I'm glad it to hear this bag stood the test of time. :yahoo:
  14. Lol!!! Correct. One aunt in particular!!!:giggle:
  15. Ohh lovely gift!!
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