Belated honeymoon! What LV do I bring?

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  1. Hi team TPF! Here's my situation: My husband and I were married almost 2 years ago but he was starting a company around that time so we were unable to go on our honeymoon. We are finally going to the Excellence Resort in Riviera Maya Cancun - I'm thrilled! But I'm curious as to what bag(s) I should bring? We'll be gone 7 nights and my LV collection consists of these pieces:

    Stresa mono
    Totally mono
    Batignolles horizontal mono
    Tivoli GM mono
    Speedy 25 mono
    Evora mm de

    I have other handbags as well (2 Gucci in canvas, several Michael Kors bags in leather, several Marc Jacobs bags in leather, etc) but I want something elegant that travels well and can take some sun.


  2. Totally or Batignolles. Leaning towards Totally because you can zip it. Definitely need cross body for vaca though!

    Enjoy it.
  3. I never take my large LV bags to Mexico. I may take something small that fits in the safe (during the day) that I can use out for dinner. Just don't like leaving my bags alone in the room...US or Mexico. I did see some LV in Mexico when we were there a few weeks back but not a lot.

    At any rate, have a wonderful vacation/ honeymoon and good luck to whatever you decide.
  4. Although I have a speedy 25 and batignolles like u and they are both great bags I think u should take the totally for 2 reasons... The zipper and you can carry it on your shoulder. Save travels!
  5. Should I consider not bringing one of my LVs? I'm not sure how safe things are there (I've never been to Mexico) and I could bring another bag. I have a black MBMJ baby groovee which can be worn cross body or a cinnabar/red Michael Kors Gilmore satchel that I can wear cross body too. Any thoughts?
  6. I have travelled to Cancun and took an old coach bag with me. It's a big tourist town and there were plenty of others who did bring their lovely LVs with them...There is also a Louis Vuitton in Cancun :smile: most resorts offer safes in each room in the event you want to lock away your belongings but they are usually very small and cannot accommodate a full sized bag/tote. HTH ! Have fun on your honeymoon!
  7. Hmmm.... I'm not sure. I always debate traveling with my LV items. But, I hate leaving all of them at home. I always get paranoid either way, I guess. I would either go with your gut or utilized all of the wonderfully wise members in this forum! I wish I had better advise :sad:

    Have a fabulous honeymoon!!!!
  8. evora or totally
    have fun :smile:
  9. I've travelled with my more expensive bags and have not had any issues. I would say the totally. Enjoy your honeymoon!!
  10. evora for shure! I love mine...😍

  11. sorry - sure!!! lol
  12. Totally.
  13. Thanks everyone, I'm leaning towards the Totally at the moment :smile: So excited about my trip!!
  14. have a lovely time on ur trip and hopefully you can do a reveal here
  15. Evora and Tivoli!