belated christmas present

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  1. finally i got my Elkington briefcase!!! :nuts::yahoo: yes, it's a briefcase and actually a man bag, but i don't care :nogood:

    it will be my big messenger bag and most importantly: it fits my laptop :tup:
    the only downside: the strap is a bit too long :sad: i knot it :sweatdrop: and now the length is good, for now that will do! maybe i'll find another strap!

    we ordered it from the website and the box it arrived in was way too small for the bag! :cursing: that's not what i call good service mulberry! :tdown:

    sorry for the poor photo quality, had to use my mobile phone!

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  2. Oh that looks lovely! Bet the oak will only look nicer once it ages. The elkington is the only messenger type mulberry I actually like, keep promising my OH I can borrow it:nuts:.
    Maybe try using that strap you have on your rosemary if it's too long??

    Congratulations xx
  3. Oh Elkington, I like it. It looks like a good quality, rugged messenger bag. Fab!
  4. Yay Elkington has got Elkington! :tup: Looks really nice on you. I have never looked at men's or briefcase section but will have to peep sometimes.
  5. Looks great Elkington! I'm sure it will be a real workhorse for you. Too bad about the strap though. I wonder why Mulberry didn't make it adjustable.
  6. I love it! It's gorgeous and for some reason I really like that it's a man bag. Looks very cool.
  7. Lovely, congratulations, that is a lovely Christmas gift, it will develop a lovely patina due to its daily use!
  8. Very sophisticated, looks great on you!
  9. very nice bag love it xxx
  10. Congrats!!! Looks fab on you :smile:
  11. What a great work bag!!! Maybe you could ask Mulberry to shorten the strap if there isn't an easy DIY solution?
  12. Or a very good cobbler??
  13. Will make even a horrible dark Monday morning a great day!! Well done it looks brilliant on you!
  14. It looks really gorgeous and doesn't look like a "man's bag" at all.

    Normally, the box is too big for the bag - they really are NOT doing well at the moment are they?
  15. Looks good on you, not manly at all!