Belated Christmas Gift

  1. My sister bought this for me for Christmas but forgot it at home. She sent it to me and it arrived today. :yahoo: I love the perfume so I can't wait to use it. :girlsigh:
    Gift #1.jpg Gift #2.jpg Gift #3.jpg Giftt #4.jpg
  2. What a sweet sister!
  3. Yay! I love the perfume too! enjoy that lotion!
  4. i haven't tried the perfume yet...i was too busy looking at purses last time
  5. what a great sis!!!

    enjoy it it smells great
  6. Wow what a wonderful sister! Enjoy!
  7. What a nice sister! Enjoy!
  8. so lovely!!! :love:
  9. I love the perfume so the lotion would be a great gift! Enjoy it!
  10. The bottle should have signature too just like the prefume bottle.
  11. It does...its just hard to see as it's a white container.