Beirn and Adriana Castro Sample Sale - NYC

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  1. I just came back from this one and had a blast! I picked up a yummy AC Meissa tote in Fuchsia for less than 50% off and the matching belt. There were "leftovers" and sample pieces from Beirn with prices starting at $50.

    RJM Group Presents Beirn and Adriana Castro Sample Sale Beirn is a water snake handbag collection that is sold in high-end department stores and specialty stores across the world. Beirn offers a wide variety of colorful handbags, clutches, belts, and ballet flats all made from authentic water snake skins. Adriana Castro is a line of genuine exotic crocodile skins. Beirn Watersnake handbags and accessories $50-$200, retail $125-$600 .Adriana Castro Crocodile handbags, belts, and accessories $50-$1,000, retail $200-$2,500 12 W. 57th St.(btwn. 5th & 6th Aves.)Suite 1002. October 12-15<SUP>th</SUP>, Tue-Fri 10am-6pm.(212) 265-2047
  2. ooh i love Adriana Castro!! did they have Meissa Hobo in Python or clutches? was it 50% off?
    Thank you!!!
  3. They had 4 Meissas - bright green, orange, orange ostrich and hot pink. I bought the hot pink and it was $925, down from $2300. There was an assortment of clutches, wallets and belts. Not a HUGE assortment, but an assortment, mostly was 60% off or more.
  4. OMG I need to go check it out today. Do you think price will go down on the last day?
    Thanks Restricter!!!! :smile:
  5. Restricter, the bags are gorgeous!!! After looking at the pictures, I woke up and took a shower to go there now. lol.
    Thank you!!!
  6. I'm sneaking out of the office in about 5 minutes. Look for a petite redhead wearing an olive Burberry jacket. If you see me, say hi!
  7. Restricter, I wanted to thank you for this information!
    I went yesterday and got 2 Beirn bags!! I am debating about the ballet flats now. I am going to stop by tomorrow.
  8. You're welcome, Kimmie!

    Which ones did you get?
  9. I got one of the damage bag that you can't even tell that is damaged for $50.. and small ali in black. :nuts:
    There was a large envelope clutch that I didn't get that now i am totally regretting. I have to stop by tomorrow. Also, they said they might have one for the holidays!