Being spontaneous...going to Vegas tomorrow!

  1. Maybe it's because I need a break from work or I'm just stressed, but I am being spontaneous and going for it! I got an email from Wynn about a special deal only offered Oct 29, 30, 31: cheap price ($159) for their resort room with free upgrade to the Panoramic View room and 2 FREE tickets to Le Reve:wlae: So with encouragement from my DH, my sis and I are hot-tailing it to Vegas, baby!:yahoo: I can't wait! This will be a Halloween treat to myself! and I plan on stopping by Hermes to check out the goods :graucho: Anyone want to come? Peanutbabycakes! maybe we should meet up!:jammin:

    P.S. If anyone is interested in the special, call the Wynn reservation line and give them the promo code LOCOCT

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. amkur, how fabulous! of course, I am sure you are going to stop by the H boutique, right?! Have a terrific time!!!
  3. Have a FANTASTIC time, Amkur!! I hope the H luck continues to have its global effects if you're planning to stop at H!
  4. Sounds like sooooo much fun!! Enjoy yourself Amkur!! And good luck on finding something you love at the H-Store
  5. Thanks tokyogirl, gina, and accessorize*me!!! I hope to find some goodies at H too! I've been itching for something in black box, so we'll see if the inventory changes a bit by the time I stop by on Monday :wlae:
  6. Nice! Have a fabulous time!
  7. Sounds great, have a wonderful time!
  8. Thanks SoCal and Rose! Hope the SAs will be nice to me :biggrin:
  9. Me too! Let us know if you find a "good one"...would love to have a great contact for our December meet and greet!
  10. I'm crossing my fingers for that! It would make our meet and greet that much nicer :yes:
  11. amkur, we'll await your live updates from vegas! good luck and i'm sending you good vibes for a box anything H bag!
  12. OMG!!! Have a bast!!! Happy shopping!!!:graucho:
  13. Oh have fun! Looking for anything special??!!!
  14. hey amkur!! got ur message about being there on monday. i leave monday so we'll prob miss each other. will be heading downstairs to H in a bit. i'll see what they have in box for u.....
  15. Ok, so I got back this was kind of a whirlwind, lol. My sis and I arrived yesterday, settled into the room, got a bite to eat at Sugar & Ice cafe in the Wynn Esplanade, then headed off to the 10:30pm showing of Le Reve. OMG, the show was spectacular! The acrobatics, special effects, music; it was all there! We thoroughly enjoyed it! Highly recommend!!! ;)

    Today, it was off to the Fashion Show Mall and to Hermes. I casually walked into H with Miss BJ JPG on one arm and didn't see any SAs. So I looked around and saw the 25cm Fuschia Ostrich retourne Kelly w/ PH, the 25cm Gold Togo retourne Kelly w/ PH, trims, GPTs, Herbags. Then someone said "Hello, may I help you?" and she turned out to be one the sweetest SAs ever, Kochiko. She actually opened up the drawer for me and we were both in there digging up the pocket squares and trying them on Miss BJ JPG. After quite some time, I decided on the "Brazil" pocket square. We chatted more as I took a look at the bracelets and watches. Sadly, nothing box struck my fancy, I guess it's not meant to be yet.

    I then noticed an SA say something to another SA and they kind of looked at me and my JPG Birkin and it seemed like the first SA disapproved of something about me. I believe she was the SA pr1nc355 mentioned, who questioned her on the origin of her 35cm BJ clemence Birkin and made a comment about the internet. Whether it be about my bag, my Hermes scarf tied around my waist (maybe I tied it on wrong :biggrin: ), my height, my hair, my makeup, seemed like she disapproved, LOL! Anyway, I thanked Kochiko and told her I would see her in December and as I walked out I looked at the first SA and she knew I was looking at her, but she didn't say anything and didn't return my glance. Oh my goodness, so silly. Maybe she was having a bad day, I don't know *shrug*

    All in all, I had fun and I can't wait to go back again in December!