Being sick and pregnant - tough it out or stay home?

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  1. So, remarkably for me, this pregnancy is the "healthiest" I've ever been over a stretch of months. I'm not counting the pregnancy-related morning sickness or aches & pains... i'm talking about flu, colds, other bacterial/viral illnesses that usually crop up for me.

    Anyway... DH has been sick with a cold/cough the last couple weeks & has REFUSED to go to the doctor and I finally caught it... most likely because I shared a water bottle with him unthinkingly yesterday.

    Anyway... I woke up this morning with a stuffy, runny nose and it seems to have degenerated to a sore throat this afternoon. I'm not coughing yet, but I hate sore throats.

    Opinions please... should I call in sick tomorrow and go see a doctor to see if this is something can be treated even though I'm pregnant? Mucus is clear so far, but DH's was colored after a day or so when he first got sick.

    Do I call in sick and just take it easy?

    Or do I just bring an entire box of kleenex to work tomorrow and snuffle my way through?
  2. No suggestions? aww....

    I wound up calling in sick because I've turned into a mouth-breather and my throat is so sore. My job involves me talking all day & there's no way I can do that competently. I'm still debating whether it's worth it to go to doctor's though...
  3. i say go...strep is going around BIG time where i am. im not sure about where you are. but almost everyone i know has had strep or has it right now. and nothing will kill strep off but antibiotics... :hugs:
  4. Personally, I'd go to the doctor just to get it checked ... it doesn't hurt. It was also good that you called in sick. I would have done the same as I wouldn't want to infect other work colleagues.
  5. You made the right call! I am surrounded by sickies at work and wish they would all go home!

    My co-worker, who recovered quickly from a cold, swears by all natural remedies that you could try...
    -a netty pot or a saline nasal spray for congestion
    -drink of warm water, apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne pepper.
    -get rest!

    She said it cleared her right up and unstuffed her head. And her husband who is taking cold medicine is still sick.
  6. I don't go to the doctor until I know I can't beat it on my own. I'd go to work unless there was a high risk of spreading germs (like with a bad cough, etc.)
  7. stay home and relax. that's my advice! hehe
  8. Honestly if you think you have something contagious be considerate of your coworkers and stay home. It's not how well you feel, it's about getting others sick too.
  9. Its always good to go to your Gynae so that she can prescribe medicine that is safe for your baby. Rem to rest as much as possible and drink lots of water!
  10. So I wound up calling in sick for yesterday & today & went to see a regular doc this morning.

    Doc is of the opinion it's just a cold... lots going around right now & said a saline nasal spray should help... but also prescribed a cough syrup with codeine to use "sparingly at bedtime" because I told him I woke up coughing so hard I puked last night (ugh).

    I did look up the codeine bit & most sites say it's a no-no during third trimester....hmmm....
  11. Hi OP, I also teach (high school bio) and I was sick as a dog the last week and a half. I'm talking stuffed sinuses, achey and low-grade fever (just below 100F) for about 4 days. I could only call in to work sick just one day since I just started teaching and had to tough it out the other days. It wasn't pleasant and I think it made me more sick. I ended up going to the doctor who said I had an upper respiratory infection AND a urinary tract infection (I had no idea, didn't have my usual symptoms). Anyway, my advice: keep the germs at home- you'll benefit yourself because you'll get better sooner and you won't spread it to the kids who'll just end up giving it back to you anyways :smile:. JMO ;).
  12. ^^ I wish I could stay home this whole week! The only thing is that we can use our sick leave toward family leave so we can get a paycheck when we're out & if I use up too many, i won't have enough to cover when i'm out after the baby comes...

    With the holiday on monday, i'll only be at work today & tomorrow, but i still feel yucky. I had to sleep sitting up last night and it's not comfy... not that lying down and feeling your lungs fill up is any comfier.. ugh.

    I hate being sick.