Being overcharged for shipping !!

  1. I need y'alls opinion / advice .
    I won a t shirt off eBay and the shipping was $7.50. ( the seller and I live about an hour from each other . Traffic and construction would've made it a nightmare to pick it up in person)
    I asked her if the shipping would be less because we live so close . She said nope ,it's $7.50 regardless.
    Well I got the shirt today and she paid $2.05 shipping .
    What would y'all do? Does eBay have a policy regarding sellers overcharging buyers ?
    TIA for y'alls help.
  2. I would contact the seller and ask why she overcharged the $5. I don't bother to mention it unless it is by a lot. Being in Canada, I am often charged the $24 for the shipping confirmation that has the tracking # but sometimes the sellers charge me that then send it the old cheap way. More often then not they refund.
  3. It was one tee- shirt put in a brown manila envelope and taped closed .( no tissue paper ).
    No box or anything to weight it down.
  4. message the seller and advise your unhappy about the overage. See what they say then go from there.
  5. contact your seller and ask why the shipping was $7.50 when it was marked $2.05

    she will probably tell you handling, gas to the po, etc... wouldn't be surprised
    if you got any of these responses...she sounds like the type that would say those things..
  6. That's a good sized difference even when you take into account the price of the envelope and gas to the PO. You should contact her and ask why she charged so much. It sounds like she's trying to make a few extra bucks off you and is hoping you won't say anything.
  7. I think that sometimes sellers inflate the shipping cost to offset the eBay fees. Next time, I would ask the seller if they would be willing to negotiate the price before the end of the auction.
  8. eBay changed so that the FVF now include shipping so the seller would not make anything from it really.
  9. Hmmm...well, the seller did overcharge you, but you agreed to the auction's terms (including her $7.50 rate) when you bid/won the item. You already suspected the seller's shipping was particularly high (considering how close the 2 of you live) so you tried to negotiate, but the seller didn't budge. If the $7.50 quoted shipping wasn't to your satisfaction from the start, then IMO, you should have bypassed the auction altogether.
  10. this.
  11. If I paid $7.50 shipping for a t-shirt I would expect Priority Mail shipping with insurance.
  12. True, but the seller may not have taken this into consideration and they could still have made a bit more than if they had charged the actual shipping cost. The main point, I think, is that these things should be worked out before bidding.

  13. that is a valid point... have seen many sellers refund the

    difference.. it would havebeen nice if the seller did but she didn't..
  14. It is worth asking her and hopefully she will refund a bit. But as others have said, you agreed so it may be difficult.
  15. Yes if it was in the auction then you were aware of it before you bought the item. This is why I never bid/buy things that do not have the shipping charges listed. However, I have asked for a refund when I was shipped a bag and paid the $24 dollar shipping as they stated in their auction that they only use international priority and they sent it regular mail which only cost under $10 because they never used what they stated.