Being induced tomorrow!

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  1. Well I am all set to go in tomorrow morning! I am really nervous for some reason. I think that it has to do with the size of the baby. 2 weeks ago I had an ultrasound that estimated the baby to be 8 lbs 10oz....ugh! Of course there is a 10% margin of error either way, but still they say the baby grows 1/2 lb per week. I guess I will know soon enough. My Dr. doesn't think I will have any problems delivering since my first was 8lbs 9oz. Wish me well, ladies. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. Good luck, at least you KNOW when you will deliver. Early congrats as well.
  3. Good luck!
  4. Good luck!! I'll be praying that all goes well!!
  5. Good Luck!
  6. Good luck!! I hope you have an easy delivery. :smile:
  7. Good Luck!! :smile:
  8. Good Luck, Momma~

    Hope you'll have a speedy, safe and easy delivery!!!
  9. Good Luck! Hope you have a speedy delivery :smile::smile:
  10. good luck.
  11. Good luck! Don't worry about the ultrasound estimate - mine was waaaaaay off of the 10% margin so they can be completely wrong!

    Hope everything goes really well for you. :tup:
  12. Ohh...Any news....Thinking about you....My second was my heaviest 9lb3oz and she was my easiest delivery no drugs she was so fast......
  13. good luck hon! i was induced the day of my appointment when baby was measured at 9 lbs +. he came out at 9.5 lb and we are prefectly okay!

    let us know how it goes. Smooth delivery and speedy recovery!!
  14. GOOD LUCK!! so happy for u!
  15. Good luck!!!