Being harrassed by a bidder. Need to vent !

  1. So, I was selling some stuff on eBay and this woman asks my permission to bid on my items (I require people with low/below 10 feedbacks to contact me). She had 11 positives but 4 negatives in the last month for non-payment/late payment. So I told her I can't let her bid on my auctions due to her feedback.

    She emailed me back and went on a rant about she was on tPF and that the bag that I was selling was discounted on BG and I should be ashamed of myself for making a profit. She then claimed that there was shill bidding going on because my opening bid was low and there was a bidder with less than 10 feedback who had been registered for less than 6 months and her bidding activity was 35% with me. I replied to both the emails politely but firmly, but alas it wasn't going to stop. From what I could gather, she tried emailing my winners (one of whom happened to be the same lady that she was b**ching about) and told them about how I was shill bidding and at the same time kept emailing me about how she was going to get me suspended and that nobody dares to ban her from their auction. Well, she got suspended for harassment (I think) but she created a new id and is now doing pulling the same crap on me over again. WTH is wrong with her ?? It seems like she has unlimited time on her hands. I've reported her to eBay but she still causing me headache by contacting me through 3 other user ids.:cursing:

    I've been on eBay for several years and have met of my fair share of nuts but this one takes the cake.

    Just had to vent !
  2. No life, low lifer. Don't waste your time responding.
  3. First off, start making your auctions private, she can't contact any bidders if she can't see them, secondly everytime you get a bidder you are suspicious of report them for false contact info and this should get them pulled pretty quickly as she'll probably be using false details
  4. I would just ignore her. By responding to her, it is fueling her psychotic behavior!

    Good luck!
  5. I agree, she's crazy and I wouldn't respond to her. Hopefully she'll go away soon.
  6. Ok....I really can't believe this. She just emailed me about this post !!!! WTH ??

    Hey, if you are reading this..why don't you post on here and let me know who you really are ? Otherwise, go get a life and leave me be !
  7. Snare her ISP from her email and PM it to Vlad. That will take care of your bottom dweller quite nicely.....
  8. Make sure you block her from ever bidding on your items...
  9. Thanks...I think I'll try doing that. She messaged me through one of her ebay ids. Would it still work ?

  10. wow :wtf:

    I cant believe who ever this is acting so immaturely :cursing:

  11. I agree with this!
  12. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. I hope you can continue your Ebay business in peace.
  13. Scary, that she is one of us though.
  14. She's not one of us. She's registered to post on the board. Big difference! I like to think most of us here are above such juvenile behavior. :angel:
  15. Unfortunately it easier said then done to ignore someone like this, especially if she is interfering with your auctions.
    Definitely keep reporting her to ebay and try replying to her message from your outlook and maybe her email address will pop up.
    She definitely sounds mentally unbalanced and maybe this is why she is harassing you.
    Sorry this is happening to you...