Being exhausted while pregnant

  1. Anybody go through being weirdl exhausted during your pregnancy? was there anything you did to help prop yourself up?
    I am 5 months (Its a Girl!) and I sleep 11 hours at night and I still need a nap. I am just to tired. I eat alot of fruit and 3 meals a day. I am just not that hungry either. I used to jog everyday but since I got pregnant, I have NO energy whats so ever.
    This is my 3rd one and it is the WORST one! Any advice on getting some energy back?
  2. have they tested your iron lately?
    I was very fatigued and they found my iron to be on the low end, taking a supplement made a noticeable difference.
  3. I found it helped to not get a ton of sleep all at once. At my worst, I slept for about 14 hours out of each day. When I got the hang of things I was down to 10 at night and one or two 45 minute naps during the day. I was found to be anemic this last month, though, so now I'm on iron pills and don't need naps everyday.
  4. I felt that way with the first. Used to eat supper w/dh then go to bed til a.m., and take a nap if possible!
    Not so much w/others, but assumed it was because I was too busy to notice or do anything about it.
    I agree w/the other two naps...esp. since this is diff. than your other two. Good luck!
  5. I used to be tired all the time too! I would go to sleep around 7pm and wake up around 11 am and I still needed a nap in the afternoon. I was tested and they found nothing wrong. I guess it's just your body's way of saying it needs rest. Good luck.
  6. Normal to be tired. Take it easy because as tired as you are now, when the baby is born you will trully know what tired is. LOL!
  7. Pregnancy is a weird thing. I was tired all the time also, untill I started taking iron. Then again babies take all your energy.
    Now I'm going through the opposite, I cant get to sleep. I think its just because I'm in the 8th month and cannot get comfortable at all.
    Best of luck to you and and your baby girl!!
  8. I am constantly feeling tired now that I'm at 32/33.5 weeks (depending on which due date you go buy). It's just something that I really have to "get over" and keep going throughout the day. I notice that if I keep myself busy, I don't notice the tiredness but if I sit down and take a break, I'm so tired I don't feel like getting up and doing anything anymore. It's terrible.