being charged twice ordering from

  1. sorry for the long post. I got some gc for xmas and order something from But they ended up charging me twice.... one charge was for $x - gc and the other charge is for $x. I called Saks and they insisted that they only charged me once. then i called my bank and Saks apparently already took the money for both charges, meaning both charges are complete transaction. :wtf:

    has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. Yup..I feel for you. You will get it straightened out but may take some time. I had to send bank statements and then they wanted to take 30 days to refund my money even though it only took them 2 seconds to take it. I had to go the distance with a bunch of managers who at first claimed I had two products when I only got one...anyway..the sooner the better with the managers...good luck. mm
  3. I had something similar happen when I bought with a debit card from Max Azria... however, both of the charges showed up as "pending" on my bank account. B/C I'd paid with a debit card was why it happened. The second charge fell off within about 5 days.

    If the other charge doesn't fall off, dispute it with the bank.
  4. ^Yes.If its a visa debit card,the charge will DROP OFF after a week
  5. you know.... this is BS.... I will never buy anything from saks ever again.....
  6. How did you pay for it??

    This is actually really standard with some places if you pay with a debit card so don't let that turn you off completely. When did this happen?
  7. the charges dont show as pending because they are completed. And its over 1K too. I am so angry..... any idea as to waht to do?
  8. Call the bank and dispute it with them! Have you recieved the merchandise yet?

    Also, since you ordered online, you should have the records and you can show that to the bank.

    I don't know who you bank with, but if Im not mistaken, I know Wellsfargo has an 800 # that you can call. Do it ASAP if the charges are both completed.
  9. i paid with my debit card... but i dont understand why they charged me twice.... i really dont.... if they are worried the gc is bad, they should just charge me for the whole $x and refund me for the gc later rather than charging me for $x-gc and $x.
  10. saks is notorious for their terrible customer service. i know so many people that have lost to saks... saks policy basically should be, "oh well. we are saks.. we could NEVER screw up!"

  11. Yes you are right... I have record on ym online order that I only have 1 order. And the people at saks is "researching" it now. I honestly dont know what the hell they need to research. How come they dont have a record that they are charging me twice!!!!! :wtf:

    Anyways, the saks people said that they will call my bank after they are done researching it and the nice lady at the bank (god bless her, she is super nice) will call me after the saks people call me.

    well, moral of the story.... will never buy from saks anymore....
  12. That's terrible. I'm crossing my fingers that it gets straightened out fast!
  13. I would be furious just like you probably are!! I'm so sorry.. Get on it ASAP and speak to the managers, they can not get away with this!
  14. Its happened to me before when I placed a phone order for my burberry bag. I called my bank and let them know that the charge had occurred twice and after looking at it, they told me to go ahead and call the store. The store obviously had the transaction history of only one bag being shipped so my second charge was dropped.

  15. good lord... this woman at saks was giving me so much attitude. I am sorry... I have dealt with other saks cs before but this woman is the worst....