Being blocked as a buyer on ebay

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  1. I went to bid on a Coach item on ebay & it says

    Transaction Blocked
    Unfortunately, this seller has decided that you are not permitted to bid on their listings. You may contact the seller via the ask seller questions feature if you want additional details.

    I was curious & actually wrote to ask the seller but (s)he didn't answer. I have been on ebay since 1999 & have over 1200 + feedback no negs. I'm wondering what would make me blocked. I am in the US & so is the seller. I do see in the buyer comments the seller doesn't take paypal & I usually use that....
  2. How come an eBay Seller does not take Paypal?

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  3. Weird? Have you ever backed out of a deal?
  4. Weird...I don't think someone on ebay can block people who HAVE paypal linked to their account. I know that the opposite is true. Is paypal linked to your ebay account?
  5. Yes, I believe the paypal is linked, but honestly I wouldn't know the difference if it wasn't. I backed out once, but the seller agreed to it. On the contrary, I have had several times where the seller backed out on me, said the item was lost or damaged.

    I haven't left neg feedback for selers either usually if that is the case i don't leave any at all or maybe a neutral.
  6. ^^ someone might have posted you as a NPB somewhere because of backing out. If it was on a public list, like here, then that would explain the blocking.
  7. I was randomly blocked by a seller I had a few dealings with in the past that were all good experiences. I always left positive feedback as did they so I never found out why. That seller never responded when I asked either, I think some sellers like the power over it yet they have no real reason. Anyway after this happened I read some complaints about this seller (although they have 100% feedback there were still some comments floating around the net) and I also noticed before they blocked IDs on there that they were bidding on their own items so I reported them. Plus they were going against ebay rules in quite a few listings so I guess I was lucky they blocked me. Now I think theyre no longer registered anyway. (They even lost power seller status when they were including things in their listings that were against ebay rules!) So who knows why some sellers do some things sometimes its nothing you did its just a power thing and they control if you buy from them or not.
    Hard to say. If theyre not responding just let it go and find the item elsewhere.
  8. You can be blocked for something as simple as you asked seller a question that they did not like! I was inquiring about an item once and nicely asked the seller if it was authentic LaPerla, and she blocked me! When I went to bid on the item and saw I was blocked, I sent a message as in "Huh?:". She then rather meanly said, "How dare you question my article's authenticity. I won't allow you to buy my items -- ever." Huh? Go figure. It can also be that someone posted about a bad transaction here and then others will block that person just for safety (not saying that is what happened to you.) It's hard not to take it personally, but not much to do about it.
  9. I didn't really care, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Just curious. HEr loss I buy a lot of stuff!
  10. One of a reason a seller blocked a potential buyer.
  11. Have you had any contact with this seller in the past?
  12. ^^ Bonanzle allows you to block too! ;)
  13. If she has selected Must Have PP Account to Bid and you do not have your PP account linked to your ID, you won't be able to bid.

    I had that happen a few times.
  14. but those lists are really long, one or a few in each reply..surely they wouldn't have blocked all of the ones listed?

    maybe that seller has an alternate account that had an altercation with the OP's