Being Banned From Coach Stores - Did You Read?

  1. A while ago, there was a thread either here or on the eBay Shoes Board about someone banned from Coach by their legal dept. There is a new thread on the eBay Clothing Board - look for a topic with the word legal in it. I think it was started Thur or Fri.

    A seller got banned from the Coach Stores because they found out she was buying to sell on eBay.

    Be careful with how friendly you get with the SA's. I always say they are gifts.

    I fear they will ban me because I bought alot in Dec & Jan at the outlets and alot at the last PCE.

    I wonder what flags they use to decide to ban someone.

    Any comments anyone?
  2. Hmmm... thanks for the interesting read. I don't resell, but I had always wondered about that, whether it was condemned or condoned by the store itself.

    Personally, having originally been from a small area growing up that didn't have Coach stores, outlets, etc... eBay was the only way I could get to some of these items... to me, it was worth paying a slight premium for outlet items that I liked, but if wanted to buy in person would have to drive over 4 hours to the nearest outlet....

    Now its not an issue, because we live in a semi-metro area and probably will for the forseable (sp.?) future. But I am sure that this is still an issue for people that may not have outlets or stores near them....
  3. There was a PF'er who was banned from Coach because they suspected her of reselling. I'm sure you could find the original thread if you do a search.
  4. I do remember reading that, but I don't remember in which forum. As I recall, she said was spending something like $10,000/month for relatives who lived in another country.
  5. i honestly don't think the outlets care. the one in sc was bending over backwards to ebay sellers (who were buying probably 10 or so of styles, when possible). though this last time in dawsonville, NO ONE was willing to help an obvious ebay seller- i guess they look down on them here (thank goodness).

    i think within NORMAL limits, you're okay. it's not unusual to buy multiple bags just because you have the pce (it's actually encouraged- sprinkles even said they offer it to people who have, like, 3 or more bags). i think it's when you have MULTIPLES of lots of items or it's an amount that can't possible be for gifts or for yourself.

    and i would definately think a one-time (or two or so) shopping spree isn't going to get you banned. but a CONSISTENT amount of going "over the top" might put up a red flag, kwim?
  6. Well I am friendly with my two SAs and will continue to do so. They know we shop for ourselves, because usually the next time we come in we're using that bag. We also don't buy every time we are in there.
  7. I know at the outlet I used to work for, a couple SA's knew some buyers were resellers and they didn't like them at all because of it, but they still had to help them. The outlets apparently don't care, or can't not sell to people like the retail stores can I guess.
  8. I think she posted the original thread right after I joined. Around March or April if you want to do a search.
  9. We went to an outlet near I95 in NC. This husband RIGHT OUT LOUD said they were selling them on EBAY while they were at the counter. I heard several gasps from customers. The only 2 SA's that were on the floor didn't say anything and scurried about their business as if they were glad no managers heard. I think I was waiting for the Coach Police or sirens or something. Obviously the gaspers were sellers. I looked at the wife when all this was happening. Her face was frozen into a smile and you know when they got into the car she was kicking him in the knee or somewhere. I can't remember if I gasped or not I know I was waiting for a shoe to drop. I had my husband with me also.
    Also I remember one time at my "home" outlet, the manager was listening hard from a few feet away on whether I gave my real name and address or a fake one. When I gave my real one she nodded her head. They know. Just thought I would share.
  10. coach discourages this method because often you don't know if the product being sold on ebay is real or not, and when you buy at outlets and sell them to make a profit it's unfair.

    in honestly don't think you can make much of a profit so it doesn't faze me, unless you're selling them overseas because the percentage of cost changes.

    but here, the customers or buyers are being more smart and they can tell when an item is from outlet, why pay such a high price for an item that they can get themselves, and it's on clearance, plus you can't return it at any coach store or even exchange unless the seller is willing to give you a reciept.

    unless of course you go to an outlet, but then, you wouldn't buy from ebay.

    and for those who buy it full price hoping to make profit, why would they buy from ebay any more then what it retails for when there is that can guarntee it's authentic?!

    oh, and for the employees of dept store or coach stores that sell it, well, that's a reason why coach would ban them from stores if not fire them altogether.

    and for those who aren't honest resellers or coach/dept store workers then they steal and resell hoping to make money...

    either way it's a given.

    but coach employees have no way of refusing service to anyone unless they have had a letter from the LP dept. that way coach has covered all of it's bases and cannot be sued.
  11. Thanks for the link. Thus far, I think I am ok. I have slowed down on buying for a while anyway.
  12. I never mention that I am a seller while in the outlets.

    That's interesting!:shocked:
  13. I don't have a Coach boutique or outlet anywhere near me, only a Department store that carries a small amount of the newer Coach items. I appreciate being able to find things on EBay that aren't offered on the Coach website. I don't think it should matter that people buy things on clearance and resell them on EBay, if Coach wants the extra profit, they should put them on EBay themselves. Otherwise it is the free enterprise system at work, if someone can make money buying at outlet and selling on EBay, well good for them. As long as they buy things right off the sales floor and they don't have an unfair advantage at the store (first dibs from the SA, back door sales)

    This brings me back to the old Beanie Baby days, when people would buy them for $5 each and resell them for $20 or more. As long as they waited in line with everyone else, then I said "good for you, if you have a buyer for your price, go for it!" Retailers would get mad at resellers and ban them too, but I didn't understand why, as the secondary sellers were just helping collectors so they wouldn't have to stand in line to add to their collections.

    I don't think anyone should be held back from reselling items they bought at a store, as long as it was come by legally and they did not have unfair advantages from the store.
  14. OK, I am going to restrain from going to the Outlet for a while. Another seller got banned from the Coach Outlets. Gee, you would think they would send a letter so as not to embarass their customers at the store....