Being an SA at a designer store

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  1. I want to look for a part-time job this summer, even though I'll be in school too...

    Can anyone tell me...
    - Is it difficult to get hired at a high-end store? Do you have to have retail experience? Do they take part-time applicants?
    - Has anyone worked in the handbag department? What was the experience like?
  2. Here's my take, not from experience but just from what I heard.

    - It's difficult to get a job at a high-end store/boutique ( gucci, louis vuitton, hermes, etc.) if you don't have retail experience. I know Louis Vuitton prefers people who has had managerial experience to just be a SA. However you can give it a shot at Coach (and other "lower-end" brands) since their hiring process seems more lenient.

    - I'm assuming that high-end stores take pt applicants but I assume there's only a handful of applicants they'll accept for pt.

    - I use to "cover" the handbag dpt. when I use to work at a whenever someone called in sick and I loved it! (But it didn't help that I also loved my job) It was absolutely amazing being around all the Coach and dooney purses and knowing so much about them, quite a blast trying them on when there's no customers as well.
  3. With all your knowledge, you'd dazzle them at the interview! I say go for it. The least they could say is no.
  4. I'd go for it. You never really know until you give it a try.

    Good luck!
  5. you should give it a shot, but we won't even hire sales people at best buy if they don't have some form of previous retail experience. it's quite possible that you'll come across a place that's hard-up for help, though, and it never hurts to try and get your name out there.
  6. I've always wondered. How do you gain retail experience if every single retail job requires you to have experience before they hire?
  7. They really don't require it. Apply for the right position (usually something like cashier or stock room for starters) and have a good interview. Just be honest that you've never had the experience but you're eager to give it your best shot. If you seem determined and really interested in working for their company, you have a great shot. Heck, that's what I did!
  8. I say go for it :biggrin: You never know until you give it a shot. Good luck!
  9. you've got to start small - my first retail experience was at the gap. i only worked there for a month, but it was enough to get me in the door at places that had the weed-out requirement of previous retail experience. also, if you can play up the service aspects of your previous jobs (i had an intership at a courthouse, so i've talked in my interviews a lot about helping people that were in desperate need of assistance with legal stuff because they couldn't afford a lawyer, etc. it included attention to detail, dealing with the public, learning lots of background knowledge, and crisis management), you can turn experience that is not necessarily sales into something that makes you look very desirable to a retail employer.

    in an interview, it's all about how you sell yourself.
  10. hey!

    it never hurts to try, but I've heard that they're pretty picky. ( My old manager used to manage at coach, and he said he was really picky when he hired people.)

    As for trying to get a job in retail without any experience, any busy retail season is the best time to apply. I've been working at Bath and Body Works ( they have a really relaxed working environment, and I get a discount at Vicky's :P) and I applied over christmas when they pretty much hired anyone they could get a hold of. After the christmas season is over, they get rid of everyone except for a few people- and they kept me around, because I made sure I always worked really hard and learned all about the products. Now I have over a years worth of sales experiences and I'm thinking about moving up to something else. :smile: So, my adivce is to just apply wherever you're willing to work, impress your employer and build experience untill you can snag the job you want. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I'll give it a try. :amuse:

    There's actually a new shopping mall opening right near my house, and they've sent out mailings that there will be a high-end dept. store in it. (Maybe a Bloomingdales or something?) I told my friends and they were like, "guess we'll know where to find you then" :lol: :shame:
  12. Not all retail places require experience. I went into an Abercrombie one day and the manager approached me and asked if I was interested in working there and the next day I interviewed and I got the job as a MANAGER! And I had NO retail experience, just college. Some stores would rather train you to do things their way, instead of breaking any old bad habits.

    I've heard that Coach requires 6 years retail experience, but of course if you really do good in the interview they might not care about experience. I would probably display the traits of someone who can sell- outgoing, not afraid to talk to/approach people, enthusiastic, know something about their product.

    In my local mall a lot of teens want to work there b/c it starts at $10/hr, but they won't just hire anyone. I thought about getting a job there, but I'm not the biggest fan of Coach. I would work p/t at a LV in a heartbeat- the closest one is over an hour away, though. :suspiciou
  13. Also if your just looking for a part-time job I know retail stores will often hire some of their better customers.

    I know I've thought about gettin a part time job at my favorite jeweler but hubyy is like no way it would cost us way too much!
  14. A *big* upside is if you speak a foreign language. Designer stores are always looking for people who speak German, French, Japanese and Chinese. Definitely don't forget to let them know if you do!
  15. i've actually been offered a job in a coach store before. i went in looking for a mini skinny and was really friendly with the SA i talked with, and she turned out to be a manager. she offered me a job, but i was visiting my parents (i live like 2 hours away from that mall) so i didn't take it, but being super friendly and easy to talk to when you go in there just to look around never hurts because those are two HUGE keys to being a good salesperson.