Being able to Return a bag - now... would I like it ?

  1. I'm just curious and would like to know how this works. Please do not take offense, rather, correct my assumption and understanding....

    I'm in Singapore and must say that mail orders are not the norm (unless for hard to get items)... we ususally buy from the stores in person.

    I don't think we can return a bag after buying it, exchanges are also very difficult unless you really have a very good reason, eg., a not obvious tear was discovered in the brand new bag and you got an exchange within a day or two after buying it. I don't think I can ever return a bag even for reasons not of my doing and get a refund.

    Now, I read a number of posts here where someone bought a bag, and decided to return it due to personal reasons and not because the bag is defective.

    This is very good if I can have such an option in Singapore and if I'm the one asking for a return.... BUT, I imagine myself as the other person buying the returned bag - where a bag has actually been sold to someone, kept there for 14 days (perhaps) and then returned to store... and I'm buying it assuming it's a brand new piece... Hmmm, sorry but I'm just not used to liking this idea.

    When I buy something that expensive, I usually ask for a brand new piece and I don't even take the display piece even if it's the last one in the store. I know some of you may say I'm such a fussy pot, but bags are very personal to me and I'm not used to sharing (especially when it's brand new). (It's a different story if one were to buy 2nd-hand bags - at least the seller knows it's used and happy to pay a lower price for it).

    Just my 2 cents of opinion. Correct me and let me see your views if different from mine, just don't throw stones at me!
  2. You can always ask for one from the back.

    I don't mind because I don't do returns much and when I do, I don't use the bag at all. Most women purchased it and took them home but then they have no use for it and that's why they return IMO.

    As long as it doesn't have scratches or any defects and looks new, I won't mind.