Being a member on tPF : your little secret or do you go public about it ?

  1. I am wondering what are your thoughts/experiences.......
    When I first joined tPF it was my little secret, I didn't tell anyone about it, didn't want to appear shallow by saying "yes I spend HOURS discussing handbags on such a forum !!"
    But now, it became so important to me that I don't care and need to I went public and got even a few new girlfriends to join, I also told my doctor about it, and at work we'll have to make a personal presentation about ourselves and -amongst other hobbies in life (!)- I 'll tell about it to all my (male) colleagues "if you need to know anything about handbags for your girlfriends, ask me !!" :yahoo:
    I feel everyone at some point is part of a certain's the geek in me.

    How about you ???
  2. Dh knows, but don't really talk about it to my friends...they don't get the bag thing any way.
  3. Ya...most of my friends know about it and so does hubby. Sometimes I think they look at me weird when I say "oh this girl online just got a new LV"....they don't understand the bond we form talking about these bags!!!
  4. DH and DD humor me....three year old DS says "Mommy, get off online, okay?". :rolleyes:
  5. I tell everybody, it's not something I concider private.
  6. For me it can't be a secret - so many fun little stories I like share have to start out with, "So, on that purse website I go to..."
  7. LOL I tell people about my love of TPF but don't tell them how much time I spend on it!! :smile:
  8. My bf knows and some of my friends and co-workers know too. They just make fun of me and think that i'm a weird for sitting in front of a computer talking about purses to male friends however, thinks its a great way to meet woman since I've met 2 very great and attractive :graucho: pfers from here.
  9. only my boyfriend knows about the forum. none of my other friends share my craze for designer bags :shrugs:
  10. bf knows I am here daily... others, well, not really...
  11. Almost everyone knows. I don't blurt it out unless it has to do with something I'm talking about...mainly purses.
  12. It isn't that i keep it a secret, but seriously, none of my friends would really care! So it really doesn't come up much. Sometimes I mention it vaguely. If my friends were interested I'd tell them!
  13. Me too.
  14. I haven't told anyone - nobody I know obsesses over bags the way I do!
  15. Ooooh-ooo there's NO WAY I'd be telling everyone about this forum. Its so dear to me because it doesn't make me inferior to anyone..Keeping it as a secret makes the forum much more enjoyable :graucho:

    Besides nobody I know understands the obsession of bags.