Beijing/Shanghai Chanel - Question for those who've been!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    My husband is traveling to China for 10 days, so just curious if it's worth asking him to bring anything back from the Chanel boutiques over there. How is the pricing and selection? Does anyone know? TIA! Or for that matter, is there anything else I should ask him to hunt down and bring back? :graucho:
  2. Hi, I was just in Shanghai and Beijing last summer. The Chanels cost the same in equilivant American dollars.
  3. luxury goods in china are more expensive than here. i've recently asked my cousin for some prices in shanghai. the prices there have taxes and duties embedded in them. i think hk prices are better (becuase everything is duty free), i know for a fact that all the chinese go to hk to buy luxury goods.
  4. Oh well, I was really hoping they'd have better prices or selection over there... My husband will be relieved to be off the hook though!
  5. i would say yes if he were in Hong Kong - at least you save on tax ... but in Beijing and Shanghai - your selection really isn't that great and you wind up paying more in the end ...
  6. Yes, I agreed to you all. China residents did go to Hong Kong to buy luxury goods cos they've more choice and cheaper. Having said that, there is no harm to check out what they've there cos Hong Kong Chanel stores are so popular that they're always out of stock so fast. Who knows may be surprises await for you...Good luck!
  7. hi all, is it not possible to get tax returns on the stuff u buy there?
  8. I dont think they charge sale tax in China. If the item is marked $1000, you pay $1000, not tax added
  9. I'm going to Hong Kong in a month's time and got REAL excited when someone mentioned that luxury goods are cheaper in HK. I thought Singapore was cheaper. How cheap are the luxury goods there? Now I should start spending cautiously for Hong Kong.
  10. just got back fron beijing on 11 of a chanel "casual" 30% mkt down US$790..
    I was told there are no sales tax...just like HK.

    It's cruise
  11. I'm sorry girls but HK doesn't have as much choices as North America. The most selection of Chanel bags I've seen so far are in Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. According to the SA in Bellagio, their bags doesn't stay in the shelf for a week.
  12. Yes there is tax, but it is included in the price tag, not charged as an extra. And no you don't get your tax back when you leave the country.

    Last I heard, the tax on luxury goods was something like 40%.
  13. As far as I know, the classic flap is abt $100 sing dollars more in Beijing as compare to Singapore.

    (I was told by the locals...there are no sales tax...Not true???)

    so that's not too bad..but could be abt US$300 more (comparing US & Beijing)

    More imptly, u can buy something u want quite easily (as compared to Chanel in Singapore..out of stk pretty fast)

  14. Forgot to highlight, so does it mean that Singapore has almost the same tax rates on luxury gd as Beijing??? I don't think so, any1 from Singapore (in retail) can confirm this???

    As for chanel in Hong was abt SGD$100+ cheaper as compared to Singapore
  15. LVs bag are definitely cheaper than in the states.. but not any of the accessories, shoes and clothings.
    Chanel comes out to abt the same , sometimes I found is cheaper to have them ship to me internationally since I save tax and if I am lucky the SA will waive the shipping