Beijing China


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
Just for fun i went to the shopping center where all the crap is found - and oh my god the Chanel fakes are pathetic!!! I wish i took my camera - all the brands - you could basically hold a balenciaga and it would break in your hand! And the colors - yellow and lime green cambons!!!

How do they get away with this stuff?

We did get taken on dvd's - the guy swore they were good copies of brand new movies -like casino royale - and they are fantastic copies - only problem - they are all in russian!!!!

As they say buyer beware ....
Yea its really scary how much they are copying these days. My friends brother came back from China with a whole bunch of Dior and Tiffany fakes. He offered me a Dior but I refused, I will not take part in the degrading of such highend products :throwup: . But sadly for everyone that will not buy a fake there are a hundreds that will :mad: .
the place was packed - it is incredible. what i dont get is i believe chanel has nothing to do with China - neither does LV - so how are the copies of current bags (cabas!!!) there so quickly??
I was in China in April and went to several Chanel boutiques. There was a wonderful one at my hotel in Beijing and also a LV along with other designer stores. Chanel, LV, and Dior were also in Shanghai. The only problem I found was in looking for shoes there because the Chinese have much smaller feet than most Americans....I did however, manager to find a pair of Chanel shoes that did fit!