Beijing China

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  1. Just for fun i went to the shopping center where all the crap is found - and oh my god the Chanel fakes are pathetic!!! I wish i took my camera - all the brands - you could basically hold a balenciaga and it would break in your hand! And the colors - yellow and lime green cambons!!!

    How do they get away with this stuff?

    We did get taken on dvd's - the guy swore they were good copies of brand new movies -like casino royale - and they are fantastic copies - only problem - they are all in russian!!!!

    As they say buyer beware ....
  2. Yea its really scary how much they are copying these days. My friends brother came back from China with a whole bunch of Dior and Tiffany fakes. He offered me a Dior but I refused, I will not take part in the degrading of such highend products :throwup: . But sadly for everyone that will not buy a fake there are a hundreds that will :mad: .
  3. the place was packed - it is incredible. what i dont get is i believe chanel has nothing to do with China - neither does LV - so how are the copies of current bags (cabas!!!) there so quickly??
  4. I have no idea, scary huh?
  5. I just came back from my China last month. I avoided the places that sell fakes, but in Shanghai, the touts along the street will pester you to buy their fakes.
  6. I was in China in April and went to several Chanel boutiques. There was a wonderful one at my hotel in Beijing and also a LV along with other designer stores. Chanel, LV, and Dior were also in Shanghai. The only problem I found was in looking for shoes there because the Chinese have much smaller feet than most Americans....I did however, manager to find a pair of Chanel shoes that did fit!