Beijing-bound flight from Malaysia missing

  2. Watching the info about it now on CNN.

  3. Prayers to my fellow country man and others on board the flight MAS MH 370. It is my favorite airline ! The worst thing right now are the rumours circulating..
  4. My heart goes out to the families of, and the people on the plane. I only got off a plane yesterday, safely returning home to my family. I am hoping they are found alive.
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    Vietnam detects plane's last signal
    Published: 8 Mar 2014 at 12.59
    Online news: Aviation

    HANOI - Vietnamese authorities said on Saturday they had detected the last signal from a missing Malaysia Airlines flight off Vietnam's southwest coast over the South China Sea.

    Pham Hien, a Vietnamese search and rescue official, said that the signal was detected 120 nautical miles (225 kilometres) southwest of Vietnam's southernmost Ca Mau province.

    Lai Xuan Thanh, director of Vietnam's civil aviation authority, said that the plane was over the sea and bound for Vietnamese airspace but air traffic officials in the country were never able to make contact.

    The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact early Saturday morning between Malaysia and Vietnam.
  7. I was sitting down to dinner when the story broke. 2 of my cousins are flight attendants for the airline. Thankfully they posted on FB so they weren't on the plane.

    I do wonder how a plane disappeared for so many hours and and no one raised the alarm.
  8. Speculation on a flight forum is that the airline likely immediately executed procedures to try to locate the aircraft and enlisted assistance from other ATC locations, yet didn't immediately publicize what was going on so as not to cause unnecessary panic should the aircraft be found and contact reestablished.
  9. read from the web that Vietnam admiral clarifies comment, says missing plane "could have" crashed. a Vietnam navy officer said on Saturday.
    pray for the victims and their families..
    i hope that the reports are false and they are somewhere" safe and well..

  13. How horrible. My thoughts go out to thefamilies and loved ones.
    I hope they can give information soon about what happened. Uncertainty is the worst.
  14. No news yet from the possible crash site? This is heartbreaking.