Beige Vernis Owners - Discoloring ??

  1. I'm interested in purchasing a beige vernis but the pics do not really show any discoloration in it. I know that the lighter vernis colors usually turn a yellow-ish color over time. So, I'm just wondering if the beige vernis is as noticable in yellow discoloration as other vernis colors (pink, silver, etc.). I would think that since its beige the yellowing shouldn't be as obvious. Any thoughts?
  2. I have a beige vernis Reade PM. It has no discolouration at all and its from 2001 if I remember correctly.
  3. I had a noisette bedford way back years ago(sold it after ), don't know about discoloration, but it had color transfer from my dark jeans though...
  4. I've seen items on eBay with discolouration (even in bronze!) but it's not super noticeable unless it's rose, perle, marshmallow, baby blue, etc...
  5. I have a beige Houston and nope, no discoloration that I can see.

    Also, just as a side note to all, Beige and Noisette are different colors.
    Beige was lighter and Noisette is a bit more brown. :yes:
  6. my houston is starting to turn :sad: bought it 5 years ago
  7. my marshmallow reade is feeling it :sad:
  8. Beige is actually one of the colors more prone to discoloration- it's a lovely shade though!
  9. Thanks for all the information ;) I just hope that the bag I ordered doesn't have really bad discoloration!