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  1. That color is Beige, not Perle.
  2. Oh yeah...You're absolutely right! It's Noisette, isn't it?:heart:
  3. Not noisette - I think it was called Beige, although it might have had a fancier French word.:graucho:
  4. Nope, it was just beige.....I noticed some color transfer in the pictures, but pretty...
  5. Oh pretty!!
  6. Pretty!
  7. It IS gorgeous, though I wouldn't want a vernis piece for travelling/luggage, I'll just get too paranoid and might not even dare to use it. LOL. :P
  8. That is one beautiful bag!
  9. Yeah...Not very practical at all..But VERY GOOD LOOKING nonetheless...:heart:
  10. is it def. authentic?? if it is its worth it at the price.. even if u have to be abit careful
  11. Oh, it's definitely authentic! Portero doesn't sell fakes. I dont' know what the RESERVE is, though. I actually wouldn't have any use for it...but I'm sure a loot of people out there would...:smile:
  12. It sure is pretty!
  13. Mmm.. mercer.
  14. It's pretty, but I would hate to worry about the color transfer on this!
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