Beige Vernis Bedford on AnnsFabulousFinds for 50% off retail!!!

  1. Still available!
  2. Well, it isn't 50% off, because you are citing the current retail. This bag is Beige, a color that's been retired for several years, so the original retail was much lower. Smoky odor is a negative, at least for many buyers. Might be fine for some buyers, but it seems like only an OK deal, by eBay standards.

    Never heard of this shop. Anyone have buying experience there and can vouch for authenticity?
  3. I totally agree!
  4. ohh god it kills me to see the things that i have already missed out on!!!!!!!!!!! and that she does layaway!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ahhhhhhhhh the multicolore speedy!!!!!!!!!!
  6. :graucho: is still available.

  7. Ohh, excuse me and my newbie-ness. :p But it's still a great bag!

    AnnsFabulousFinds is legit though, they sell second-hand designer bags and accessories, as well as clothing and shoes occasionally that are all authentic.
  8. i always forget about this site. I have to add it to my favorites, lot of good items.